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Posted on June 19 at 10:19 a.m.

The world survived for eons without artificial desal (certainly the moisture boiled off the ocean is a form of desal). The justification for desal of this sort is simply to allow us more people and more problems. SB has declined in water use per person for decades. And we know that most of the water used in the state is for non urban functions. Yet we are being asked in SB to spend millions and millions to build and operate an energy intensive monster of a facility that is not needed for local problems. This is a move to take advantage of our fear and misinformation to OK something we would never accept in less stress or thoughtful times. We don't need this Trojan horse and if it is allowed in the gates generations to come will pay the price which is the loss of the Santa Barbara life, an oasis on the edge of the Southern California madhouse.

On Pulling the $53 Million Desal Trigger

Posted on June 18 at 11:31 a.m.

This is not the only option. Check out what other places are doing, in particular Australia which has chased the desal delusion for years. They spent $12B and got nothing from it. Then they opted for retreatment and reuse of 'sewage' water which is environmentally safer and much cheaper. No intake and discharge into the ocean. Reduction of sewage discharge too. About 60% of the cost in energy use. Etc. We are being thralled into spending big bucks to profit this builder and we are not being given all the facts because our political leaders are not curious and will not look past staff recommendations.

On Pulling the $53 Million Desal Trigger

Posted on June 17 at 1:19 p.m.

Art, sorry it appears that I repeated your arguments as though they were my own. I apparently was writing my response when yours came it. Honestly, I did not see it until just now when I went back to check on what the latest thoughts were. Certainly we had near identical ideas on this one....

On Many UCSB and SBCC Students Struggle with Homelessness

Posted on June 17 at 11:16 a.m.

It is an oxymoron that SBCC has students from outside the "community" that the community college was built to serve. The original idea was that locals could attend early college while living at home. Now we all know that SBCC is a student tourist destination--UCSB party school adjunct. The importation of students for these purposes (and to make the SBCC administration fatter and better paid) is messing over our community. MANY single family residences are being converted into student housing and many other affordable housing has been committed to SBCC student influx as they will pay big bucks to stay here. Bring SBCC back to its proper size and function and much of these complaints will disappear.

On Many UCSB and SBCC Students Struggle with Homelessness

Posted on June 17 at 10:02 a.m.

Difficult to walk the line between personal affront and the reporting of "news" manipulation and control How do we judge the selection of "embedded" journalists which are allowed to give us reports on the US military conduct? Better if journalists were free of any need for permission or regulation by the subjects they are looking at. Do Coast Guard and other government personnel refuse to talk about the issue outside of this choke hold process?

On News Commentary: Refugio Officials 'Target' Specific Reporters

Posted on June 15 at 5:02 p.m.

LA Public Works fired their tree trimmers and privatized the work Within a short time the cost of the contract service was substantially higher than the cost of in house employees. Whatever happens in some civil service systems they are a better protector of the public weal and the workers dignity than the private model.

On Mulligans Café May Lose Big in Privatization of Muni Links

Posted on June 15 at 10:04 a.m.

Privatization means one thing only--screw the workers. All these "management companies" do is hire cheap labor which they can exploit for their profit. Sometimes the customers get cheaper stuff for a time but in the end they will get messed over too. Look at the LA Times story today documenting how private utilities gouge users as compared to those owned by government. We need to respect the dignity of working people and allow them a decent standard of living. The city "liberal" council should be embarrassed that this is happening on their watch. It is the WalMart model brought to government.

On Mulligans Café May Lose Big in Privatization of Muni Links

Posted on June 1 at 10:59 a.m.

Last I looked the DARE programs had been long exposed as having no effect on the use of illegal drugs, much less the involvement of graduates in violence. How about using the money for mental health intervention, housing for the homeless (not in more jails!), and food for the hungry.? This sort of wanna be cop stuff should make us wonder what the 'contributors' are up to other than to curry favor with the authorities and swagger around with their status, often with their badges, license plate frames, decals and even special uniforms.

On Sheriff’s Fundraising Squad Gears Up

Posted on May 18 at 12:06 p.m.

These interviews are never insightful--just puff to get the author further smoozing access to the rest of the SB movers and shakers and takers. Wouldn't it be nice to ask the head of SBCC about the failures of the program under her watch? Measure S, the abandoned Aqua Center, the ridiculous press box fiasco with Measure V money, or the impact of imported students on the local community...for example. Wonder if there is a college in Australia looking for a new salesperson?

On The S.B. Questionnaire: Lori Gaskin

Posted on May 13 at 11:58 a.m.

Mohr is correct also. SB has increased in population by about 5000 since the last drought scare but the total usage has declined by about 2000 acre feet per year. People are being super careful with use, not the wastrels that they are constantly made out to be. And, imagine how we would be if that 5K growth hadn't been allowed. We don't even know what the ground basin situation is, btw. Spending $50 million and permanent ongoing operational millions is an absurd boondoggle. The contractors and builders will prosper and the rest of us will pay. Don't be panicked into signing on. Remember the last con job we were given and how that plant wasn't ever used.

On Lake Cachuma May Be Drying Up Faster Than Expected

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