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Posted on February 13 at 8:59 a.m.

Check out this morning's LA Times and other sources. Northern California is getting rain. We are not an island alone. We share water statewide. Cachuma is a repository for state water when available and historically it becomes available in good years and dries up in between. Which is why we agreed to wait through six years of drought before restarting the desal plant when we closed it. In addition the proposal to recycle all our waste water is an excellent one. This alone would do most to give us cost effective backup. Note that all water is "recycled" by nature anyway. We are being panicked into expending huge amounts of money on a desal plant that provides crappy product, mainly to support the tourism and growth industry and perhaps a city water bureaucracy and some contractors. The City Council's leadership on this is not the sort of calm and watchful perspective that we should have. The plant is not necessary and will actually lead to a further degeneration of the quality of life in Santa Barbara for most of us.

On Water Bosses Butt Heads Over Desal Plant

Posted on February 12 at 9:51 a.m.

Woah! This sort of panic reaction to the situation plays right into the hands of vested interests and defeats those calling for realistic assessment of the world we live. The only purpose of the desal plant is to allow for continued development of the south coast. Note that there is no proposal to restrain builders in the plans being pushed. Remember that when the plant was dismantled the promise was that it would not be restarted unless there was a six year drought. We are in year three. So much for the long range view. Residential users consume less than 15% of our water in CA. Farmers waste more than that in the ordinary course of business. Please do not stampeded into this outrageous tax and environmental threat. Hold our local population in check; create better farming practices and charge the true cost of water to those farmers and businesses that continue to waste water or grow inappropriate crops for our environment; encourage better residential practices (though I think this is a pretty exhausted avenue at this time). No to the desal boondoggle.

On Water Bosses Butt Heads Over Desal Plant

Posted on February 5 at 1:12 p.m.

Incredible how these things wander off subject and the participants don't care. It is basic that a decision maker has the right to gather information and consider different ideas without having the process spread out to be dissected and picked over by anyone. The fact that this may have occurred on city issued equipment doesn't make it any less privileged than if it happened on her own equipment. It is part of her city job to do this sort of thing. This is not like the public works employee checking on child porn on a city laptop. Move on.

On <em>News-Press</em> Provided Few Records in Murillo Internet Request

Posted on February 3 at 10:14 a.m.

OMG, we will need a new desal plant to make water for an ice rink in a desert. Or is that already in progress?

On Ice in Paradise Gets $225,000

Posted on January 30 at 10:45 a.m.

Don't we elect council representatives to figure this stuff out themselves? Isn't it a waste of a quarter of a million dollars to have someone else do this? Isn't it true that our city government has become so diffuse as to be unaccountable by such techniques as this? Isn't it true that we need district elections to get these politicians to address the needs that they can see and that their constituents bring to their attention?
Yes to all of the above.

On New Taxes for Repair Backlog?

Posted on January 30 at 10:39 a.m.

Same council that just voted to hire a consultant to do further study on the preferences of the citizens re infrastructure. As far as I can tell they just do one study after another until the subject is chewed to pieces. Meanwhile they proceed with what they want to do and point to the pending study to hold critics at bay.

On Council Approves $250,000 for Directional Sign Study

Posted on January 29 at 12:52 p.m.

It's so simple. Local politics is best. Smaller districts lead to increased accountability of the elected official. If the idea of "at large" representatives is so appealing let's choose all our state legislative members that way! Let's choose our County Supervisors that way! "Racist" issues aside, I support district elections because the past 20 years of representation has been for the central business district. The Downtown Organization has been a greedy porcine that needs to be weaned and maybe served up as bacon for the rest of us. Let's get local sidewalks and infra structure outside of the State Street corridor.

On Girding for District Elections

Posted on January 28 at 10:13 a.m.

This demand is hard to understand. Basic duty and right of an elected official to investigate, gather opinions and facts about any issue in the purview of that person's office and certainly the confrontations in the plaza about the News Press language is of public interest. This has nothing to do with the position taken or not taken by the elected official. Curious if the implication of the request is that a city council member should do her research at home instead of at the office?

On <em>News-Press</em> Takes on Murillo

Posted on January 28 at 8:44 a.m.

The author's "good" intentions are overwhelmed by the difficulty of his purpose. Religion is the enemy of freedom and free speech. Simple. Once anyone claims to have supernatural/everlasting truth they are compelled to deny others equal standing. Some religions claim less truth and others claim all truth but all are a problem. The genius of our Constitution was to try and keep these proclaimers of irrational truth out of the government policy business. Right now the Muslim religion is the most demanding of its followers but Christians have done the same. And look out for the Buddhists in Thailand...

On The Tragedy of Paris

Posted on January 23 at 2:58 p.m.

No. City college needs to gets its priorities right. This is a "city college" and it needs to support LOCAL students. Housing is oxymoronic for local kids. DUH. The idea that the local taxpaying community owes a duty to provide housing for non local students because they want access to the party life (including matriculation to UCSB) is the fallacy. Cut SBCC enrollment to what is necessary to cover the local high school graduation levels and maybe a bit more for those returning to school after other adventures. That would probably be about 40% of the present enrollment.

On City College's Fence-Mending Menu

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