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Posted on September 11 at 4:47 p.m.

I have to say this is touching me in so many ways right now. I am a Santa Barbara Native who re located to New York City Last September to follow my dreams in acting.

I purposely waited to come to NYC after Sept 11th, last year because I knew it would be too much for me to handle the 10th anniversary of 9/11 being the first thing I experienced as I arrived in the city.

I remember the day well 11 years ago today. I was 21 and I was living with my then boyfriend in the condo's across east beach, seemed like a world away but it was not. I was awoken at about 7:30 am to a series of in audible voice messages by his father. The phone would not stop ringing. As I made the words out.." Our Country is under attack." in a half awake, half asleep haze I thought I was still dreaming. I wasn't. These words did not make sense to me, in my 21 years at that time I had never heard those words until that day. I turned the TV on, and I will never forget what I saw. A plane flying into a building.

I thought, this isn't real, this must be a graphic made to look real, that's how horrifying it was that my mind didn't believe what it was seeing. I knew 4 people in NYC at that time, all actors.

I was supposed to be at work at 9am, and I in a robotic haze I got ready, got in the car, and headed south on the 101 towards Carpenteria. It was as if the entire freeway was in slow motion. I looked over to other driver's, making eye contact and this weird knowing feeling. We were also told there was another plane suspected of heading towards LA, and at that time we had no idea how many planes were hijacked and who was the next target.

I then decided to go home, and was in too much shock to work. I wanted to understand. It was 3,000 miles away but it felt like it was next door. I cried, and cried.

There is nothing that can be said to ease or understand your loss. Your piece that you wrote was moving, and honest. Heart-wrenching, and above all else real.

I am sitting in my office in Brooklyn, and the tribute lights just went up in place of the Twin Towers. I was contemplating going down there tonight to honor the ones who died, but was not sure I could handle it. After reading your article, I changed my mind. I will go down their in honor of your father, and in honor of every single life that was lost. Whether you are here in New York or not, there will always be someone to honor your father, people like myself continuing to do so by showing up and saying his name aloud.

I will do so tonight. God Bless. Rani

On 9/11 Memories

Posted on November 18 at 1:46 p.m.

Thank you Elizabeth for this story. It is a sad one, and on that shows a man's journey to nowhere.

I am an actress and writer and it is one of the most freeing forms of expression, and especially for one that no longer has that freedom by his own choices he made. Society is the biggest judge and jury, and we no longer care or want to care about people who have been thrown away by laws and codes. He made some horrible choices and is paying for it, and I believe every one has had moments where they look back and wish they could have done it differently. Moments where the comfort of being a child out weigh the reality of being an adult and the weight that comes with it. Some handle it better than other, he obviously could not handle it and his writing reflects that.

I think you captured that beautifully elizabeth, and highlighted the lost child with him. I am not here to judge him, but respond to a beautifully written article. I can appreciate beautiful writing which is what I saw from both.

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