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RICH STRANGER one of the most popular and innovative performers and entertainers was born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio. This unique opportunity afforded RICH STRANGER the opportunity to be exposed to a multitude of styles and genres of music including but not limited to CLASSICAL, MOTOWN, SOUL, RHYTHM & BLUES, BLUES, COUNTRY, COUNTRY-ROCK, ROCK, LATIN, AND TRADITIONAL AND INDIGENOUS MUSIC from around the world, as well as the composers, performers and musicians that have made legendary MUSIC, even more popular TODAY!

Having traveled and performed extensively throughout the United States RICH STRANGER developed a distinct respect and appreciation for the audience, as well as the need to promote music and entertainment. Comfortable in small clubs and venues, as well as head lining major concert halls and arenas, RICH STRANGER & his audiences always enjoy the opportunity to continue in the tradition of the troubadour, entertainer, innovator, as well as keeper of the flame when it comes to the legends in music.

RICH STRANGER Productions ®
P. O. Box 1372, Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1372
(805) 570-4892

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