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Posted on May 15 at 8:25 a.m.

Perhaps lost in the blizzard of oil money is the $7,500 donation by Supervisor Steve Lavagnino. It reveals that this election is really about an attempted "coup" by North County developer, gambling, oil interests.

Lavagnino knows that if Aceves is elected, North County developers and drillers will get what they want:
- an end to environmental protections
- an end to development controls
- a wide open field for tribal gaming

They sky is the limit.

Say what you will about the defects of the South County majority. Still, today SB county property values are doing great, agriculture and the wine industry are doing great, tourism is doing great because people want to come here and unemployment is way down. We are risking all of that if Aceves is elected and swings SB county to the side of the laissez-faire North. That's what this election is Really about.

On Campaign Cash Update

Posted on May 8 at 10:26 p.m.

While we are on the subject of puppets, let's note that Aceves is not only the puppet of the Goleta Chamber of Commerce, siding with them on every issue. He is also the puppet of:
- Peter Adam, by refusing to oppose Measure M
- The Oil interests that have given him thousands in campaign donations
- The Tribe Gaming monopoly, that has given him thousands in campaign donations
- Developers like Towbes, who have given him thousands in campaign donations.

To keep on your theme, these mega donations come with strings attached.

Yes, Wolf has some big Labor donations. But instead of giving something TO big Labor, Wolf got major salary and benefit concessions FROM them.

I'm just sayin'...

On Endorsements: Measure M and 2nd District Supervisor and Sheriff

Posted on May 1 at 4:38 p.m.


I hope you will note that Wolf, not Aceves, is endorsed by the DA and firefighters. A former cop usually locks up the public safety endorsements. And Sheriff Brown also failed to endorse Aceves. Not even SB City police endorsed one of their own - Aceves. Hmmm.

As to the Goleta Plan, Aceves voted with the majority to CHANGE and weaken the original Goleta General Plan. If that wasn't enough, he voted for exceptions to the plan to allow Westar and The Hideaway to be approved. And Aceves voted (unsuccessfully) to allow a McDonald's drivethru at one of the southcoast's busiest intersections.

Aceves does have the avid endorsement of the Goleta Chamber of Commerce that strongly urged not only Venoco's recent attempt to process oil in Ellwood but also the development of Bishop Ranch. Aceves refused to support G2012, Goleta's Ag. Land Protection ordinance, that Goleta voters approved by 72% of the vote. Talk about out of touch with the kind of managed growth Goleta residents would like!

By the way, Aceves has the endorsement of NOT ONE current Goleta council member, not one. Wolf is endorsed by 3 of them.

On The Battle for Santa Barbara's 2nd District

Posted on May 1 at 12:37 p.m.


Um, if you want to talk about executives heading for the hills, in just the last very few month, Goleta has announced the loss of not only their City Manager, but also their head of finance AND their head of Public Services.

Aceves can't get along in Goleta, a city with just a $30 million budget and a population of 28,000. How's he going to get along in the county with a $850 million budget and a population of 420,000? To answer the question, just look at his lack of support from the place he came from, the cops. He's got virtually no endorsements (check out his website). No endorsement not just from Dems but from public safety, enviros, etc., neighborhood groups, etc.

Goletans are ambivalent. We want him off our Council but know he would do even more damage as a County Supervisor. When he loses the Supervisor race, we'll make sure he loses his attempted re-election to Goleta Council in the fall.

On The Battle for Santa Barbara's 2nd District

Posted on April 17 at 10:59 p.m.

Foofighter, what kind of "shake up" do you have in mind? If it's more North County right wingers agenda - anti-regulation, let the tribe do whatever it wants, let's have as much oil development and fracking as possible - no thanks.

People flock to SB and our property values are so high because the county is well managed and the environment is protected. Agriculture is our top revenue producer. Crime is low.

You can spin it any way you want but Aceves police experience coupled with his command of a budget 1/40th the size of the County budget is pretty unimpressive. He's just the latest Pappas, Willy Chamberlin wanna be. Just admit it.

On Wolf Collects Another $20,000 From Labor Union

Posted on April 16 at 5:17 p.m.

Thank you foofighter and dprince for making this such a clear choice. Much as I'm not wild about unions and their donations, I am plenty afraid of the effects of oil companies and developers and what they are doing to our county. And don't get me started on the devastating effects Chumash so-called gaming, has had on our county. Never mind the drunken driving. Gambling is taking money from addicted gamblers and sending their families to beg for welfare.

For all of Wolf's union donations, she and her board negotiated concessions from the unions. Yes, a nice, clear and easy choice for me to support Wolf.

I appreciate foofighter helping put all this in perspective.

On Wolf Collects Another $20,000 From Labor Union

Posted on September 26 at 7:39 a.m.

Starshine, it's simple. Sex is merely a substitute for man's natural drive to play football...

On Go, Losers!

Posted on September 15 at 12:11 p.m.


Where do you imagine I mentioned the Supreme Court? And I wonder why you didn't respond to the substance of my comments.

On Neighbors Mad at 'Party Houses'

Posted on September 14 at 6:33 p.m.

Yes, all your free marketeers and unlimited property rights folks have made your point. Free market principles are what made this country great, from child labor to Love Canal.

Zoning and nuisance laws exist for a reason, and it may not be the one you think. History has shown plenty of instances in which the "free market" isn't so free.

I completely agree that the first recourse is to have an intelligent, polite conversation with a neighbor who is partying a little too loudly.

But that has NOTHING to do with people who decide to conduct commerce in a residential area.

I doubt I have convinced anyone, and expect the usual barrage of insults as a substitute for reason. While I like minimal government interference in our lives, zoning is vital.

As some have said, for examples of how deregulation and non-taxation work, all you have to do is look at Somalia. How's the free market working out there?

On Neighbors Mad at 'Party Houses'

Posted on September 14 at 9:16 a.m.


In an effort to have an intelligent discussion, what's your point? My example is of people conducting commercial activity in a residential neighborhood. I think that should be restricted.

Your example seems to be about people conducting private activity in a residential neighborhood. I think that should be restricted too, primarily by noise ordinances.

Please clarify what you believe.

On Neighbors Mad at 'Party Houses'

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