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Posted on February 9 at 8:27 p.m.

Karma is a b**ch Ronzone, and your time has come.
Someone has finally stood up to you. You were a horrible principle, who hardly knew her students.

On A Matter of Principal

Posted on February 9 at 8:06 p.m.

It would of been nice to see more comments by parents of kids with a connection to Roosevelt, or those that have first-hand interactions with Dr. Ronzone or Mrs. Hopkins. I have, for several years & let me tell you... Dr. Ronzone is no peach. When I first heard of this lawsuit, I laughed out loud. It doesn't surprise me, one bit! That woman is a joke & doesn't deserve to lead Roosevelt. Seriously, she is pompous, overly defensive & happily takes the credit for all the successes at Roosevelt, but not the responsibility for the issues. I have personally dealt with her wrath, as have many parents I know ( of various races & economic status) And we shared the same disgust for this woman. However, Roosevelt has some very good teachers & staff, which make it a good school. In my opinion, Dr. Ronzone is the weakest link there & sadly she is in charge. Parents like Christine Feldman, who is quoted in the article, are just kiss asses because she was PTO chair & got privileges for her kids. Dr Ronzone always carried herself with an air that she was better than everyone & it doesn't surprise me one bit that she would make the "brown faces" comment. Mrs. Hopkins is not the strongest teacher by ANY means, but she genuinely cares about her job & takes it seriously ( She taught my kids) .She's pretty harmless... And sort of meek, honestly! Ronzone has been sitting pretty too long at Roosevelt. She has drained the parents dry of money over the years, for ridiculous things like a brand new marquee, instead of focusing on education. It's not all about test scores. Maybe she should go back to the east coast, where she won't have to deal with so many brown faces. Why the hell did she come to California?

On Juan Crow Lands in S.B.?

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