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Posted on March 8 at 11:43 a.m.

As the writer notes, any thought of compromise has always "irked" the environmental community who seek only their extremely narrow uses.

All additional Wilderness designations should be stopped until the forest activists can learn to share the back country.

Many of these trails discussed above were literally created by "off highway" vehicles and users and have been used by local OHV enthusiasts for decades.

During the last 20 years we have witnessed activists and their lobbyists take away our trails and access to the back country.

Greater environmental harm is caused by forcing OHV users to drive hundreds of miles to find a suitable riding area instead of allowing us to use a miniscule amount of terrain locally.

Make no mistake regarding the acreage being discussed, OHV users are currently limited to an incredibly miniscule amount of actual trails. No new trails are being built.

The best local riding opportunities were taken from us by government fiat in the 90's. When will it end?

When will these people share the back country?

To make matters worse the Forest Service is now creating non-legislatively approved "buffer zones" which effectively make the Wilderness areas larger than designated.

The "game" is rigged by the environmental activists, their highly paid lobbyists and their highly rewarded voices in Washington, DC.

It's also one more example of why America continues to struggle economically. The politics of "no" hurt not only recreation, but jobs and the economy.

On More Wilderness and Off-Roading?

Posted on March 2 at 4:38 p.m.

Unfortunately the comments from the environmentalists are all too typical.

Because they saw 1 or 2 poorly behaved OHVers they seek to ban all OHV activity everywhere.

Are all teachers banned or punished because of one? All policemen? Firemen? People?

A quick glance at the map headlining this story shows how much land has already been taken away from the people. It is astounding the amount of land that has already been taken from us.

I'm told it's nearly 90 miles through the forest to New Cuyama.

Who among you can travel that distance on foot carrying all your own food and water?

Bicycles are not allowed. OHV's are not allowed (even though the Buckhorn road had been in use for DECADES).

How exactly do Americans get out there to recreate with all the barriers thrown up by the environmentalists?

Many of us hike, mountain bike, camp and yes, recreate using OHV's. We enjoye the environment every bit as much as the environmentalists and have as much reason to protect it.

We should be working together for shared, responsible recreation. The lack of good faith and compromise exhibited by the environmentalists over the years is saddening and astounding.

There is far more erosion caused by wildfires and other natural causes than the miniscule amount caused by OHV's.

We need to work together for balanced recreation uses.

How much damage to the environment is caused because local OHV enthsusiasts are forced to travel hundreds of miles just to be able to ride?

My dirt bike gets about 50 MPG, is green sticker and forest service legal. It's quiet and clean.

If I have to haul it 200+ miles in a truck to go riding how is that helping?

It's time to reverse some of these misguided policies. This is public land and it's use should be available for a wide variety of activities, not just one vocal minority.

On Protecting Los Padres Wilderness — and Dirt Bikes?

Posted on August 18 at 3:53 p.m.

It is so disappointing to see environmental groups taking more land away from the Public.

Depsite having nearly 1 million acres to themselves in our local mountains, they want more.

Nearly a million acres that can only be accessed on foot or by horse.

And for those of us who can't afford a horse? Or prefer a mountain bike?

We are banned. I am fed up with the holier than thou attitude of the environmental groups who refuse to share, who refuse to compromise, who refuse allow any other use on Publicly owned lands other than their desired use.

The reality is precious few of these people have ever traversed the Wilderness area from Upper Oso to New Cuyama.

Why? Have you ever tried it on foot? Who has gone from Santa Barbara to New Cuyama through the Wilderness since it was created? Do you have any idea how far it is?

This amounts to a total banishment of human activity because unless you have mutliple horses to carry water and supplies you can not access these public lands any more. You are banished.

Perhaps you can nibble at the fringes; if you're better than most you can go 10 miles in and back in a day.

But the rest? Banishment. The paths created by the OHV community still remain but get used as "administrative corridors" by the Forest Service.

Meanwhile we get nothing.

On Making the Los Padres Even More Wild

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