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Posted on October 24 at 1:52 p.m.

As a diabetic I'm unfamiliar with insulin pins. Perhaps the author meant insulin pens which are fairly common?

On Where Do the Homeless Heal?

Posted on September 1 at 5:40 p.m.

My mother, who recently passed away in August, lived here for years because she did not have Medi-Care. I was in the process of getting her in a new facility when she took ill this last time. The day my mother was brought to Cottage Hospital the head of Central Coast Nursing Social Services had literally quit and walked out. They couldn't find her legal papers she had filed with them for safe keeping. When I went to her room to get her personal belongings they had been rummaged through. Everything from unopened soda cans to new tennis shoes had been taken.

Stories she told me this last year would frighten anyone. When not able to get to the restroom, she refused to pull the line to get a CNA to change her diapers. She told me that it was a 'deal they had cut' with the CNAs. She never would tell me what the repercussion was if she dared asked to be changed. Another time I asked her why she wasn't taking one of her pills. She told me it was a pill to be taken two hours later.

On Central Coast Nursing Center Loses License

Posted on September 1 at 2:24 p.m.

I've used the local office more than once, not with the current Assemblyman but with others who have held that elected position. Going to a open office on the street would not have been an option as once my visit had to deal with a lot of state paperwork.

On Reform Effort Dismissed as PR Stunt

Posted on June 21 at 11:55 p.m.

Great piece. I always enjoy reading reviews where the author has done their research, managed to include the complete set list, and put it all in a quality review wrapped in a bow. Not too short, but not tedious either.

On Peter Gabriel at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Posted on March 18 at 5:52 p.m.

Really disappointed to read this. I purchase computer programming books. These are not the type of books I want to blindly pay 40 dollars at Amazon. Chaucer's never has served this need.

On Goleta Borders Bookstore Closing

Posted on March 18 at 5:46 p.m.

This can happen, trust me. Ten years ago, I went in suffering from high blood sugar. As a consequence my mental state was altered. Instead of treating the blood sugar issue Cottage sent in an intern who was too one-tracked to recognize my condition and tried to get me out of the ER into the Cardiac ward ASAP, supposedly for an abnormal EKG.

In a state of mental clearness, I took my insulin pen from my purse and injected myself.

Surprise, surprise my mental state cleared up just fine. I asked to be released and they called security on me, telling me I could die from this heart condition.

Finally in desperation I removed my own IV and walked out Against Medical Advice. Prior to speaking to me, security was, understandably, not exactly nice. I can only think what they would have done if this happened today.

On the walk outside with my AMA papers, I explained the situation and the two security officers agreed with my decision to leave. I told them I would be seeing my PCP first thing in the morning and they told me that I was lucky to have him as a doctor and I would most likely be in better hands with him.

Went to see my doctor the next day and outside of the side effects of a drug the hospital had administered to me, everything was fine. The EKG only showed my well documented heart murmur.

I had the state come in to investigate, and the hospital had removed pages from my files, including a social worker who had been there to judge my "mental capacity" and IV medication. The state knew they were removed due to witnesses. Both the visit and IV had been witnessed by a family member present as well as another who had been briefed on the telephone when he wanted to know what the hell was going on.

When I consulted local attorneys, I was also told they did not want to take on Cottage Hospital, even with the state investigation's findings that my records did not match several witnesses to my care. Not a single attorney doubted my story.

On Call Security

Posted on February 23 at 7:17 p.m.

They can have him.

On Canada Cool with Quazy Quaids

Posted on February 19 at 12:29 a.m.

I loved Borders. As much as I bought books and CDs from Amazon for the discount, there were times that I just wanted to browse to buy. There are some types of books that I want to look at before I buy. I would spend hours browsing before I spent more money than I had on a pile of books that simply looked too good to put down.

At other times, I joined the crowds at the last five Harry Potter midnight sales.

Toward the end of Borders, I chose not to shop at there. As a single woman, I did not find the area outside the entrance comfortable. I felt intimidated the minute I got off the elevator that smelled of urine. My book collection stopped growing.

On Who—or What—Killed Borders?

Posted on July 1 at 11:41 p.m.

EZK, I am aware that it is not the dispensary's fault people were dealing at the ATM. I was only using this as another example of increased drug sales from medication purchased at HortiPharm.

As for reporting illegal drug trading, how can I report a crime I see from across the street. Its too far away to see license plates and I did not want to endanger myself by going over there to write them down!

When I brought it up to my SIL in law enforcement, she told me that even if I did report it, all they can do is stretch limited police funds for what would basically be a stakeout. Then of course, since I am not the police I can not enforce the law and outside of testifying to what I saw, I'm legally useless. And lets be honest, right now small sales of marijuana is not exactly a high priority crime, as my SIL mentioned.

As I've stated before, my physician recommended medical marijuana for nausea and vomiting as I could not hold down food. If my insurance had covered it, you bet I would try it just as I have tried many other prescription medicines for the condition. To me, marijuana is medicine, and there is nothing wrong with using it as prescribed if one needs it.

I was naive when they opened but thought they sold equipment for herb growth of many varieties, including equipment for other medical marijuana dispensaries. It was when I walked to a nearby business across the street frequently that I noticed people selling HortiPharm at which led me to realize that it was a poorly enforced/policed medical marijuana dispensary.

This was really too bad, if I was able to get the money together to buy this medicine, I would have been a patron until I saw this action. I think it would be a good service if the City Council (which they won't) would allow the business to a reputable owner to continue medication sales to patients in the area.

On The Pizza Is Innocent

Posted on June 30 at 11:18 p.m.

Let me see if I get Mr. Braun's arguement. Pizza Guru had a lot of business, hence it was not a shell which Hortipharm would route skimmed money. This is not logical. One can be a billion dollar business and still help divert money from another individual and/or corporation.

It would have actually been in Hortipharm's interest that Pizza Guru did a large quantity of business. This way the extra funds would most likely remain hidden among the large assets of the Pizza restaurant. If PG did little business, than the money from the illegal dispensary would be obvious by looking at the books or income tax returns.

BTW, I am not against medical marijuana. In fact, it was once prescribed to me by a very conservative physician. if I could have afforded it you bet I would have tried it as I was sick and not able to hold down food. I only turned it down for financial reasons. My insurance would not cover it.

I am against this one dispensary. I lived near it until late 2009 and saw drug dealing in the parking lot as well as nearby at the ATM of a popular bank. Many of those buying were teens.

I also had a neighbor who bragged that she would use her sister's medical marijuana card at Hortipharm because they would not look at it twice. This last claim was hearsay and I don't know how true it was, although she did not hide the fact when she came home with marijuana from there.

On The Pizza Is Innocent

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