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Posted on November 20 at 9:26 p.m.

There are people in this town who eat out of the garbage can, who are going to be cold over the holidays and who don't have shelter. I hope that the people of this wealthy town, who asked for this tree feel good about crying poor so that they could get a free tree. The only words that come to mind are Disgraceful and Shameful. To call it a celebration of Christmas just adds insult to injury. If this had anything to do with the Spirit of Christmas someone would have asked SCE to instead, donate that money to a charity that helps people in need, in the name of the citizens of Santa Barbara. Whomever in SCE that agreed to supply a tree to such a wealthy area should be fired. They too have obviously lost touch. I woner how many people could be helped with $35,000. Then SCE would get to take a write-off that they could be proud of.

On Downtown Xmas Tree on the Way

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