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Posted on August 29 at 1:31 p.m.

" . . . entered the Chumash Casino property,"

Home sweet home, and a real magnet for drunks, deviants, drug dealers, and petty criminals. Such a treasure for the Santa Ynez Valley!

On Long, Wild Car Chase Ends at Chumash Casino

Posted on May 25 at 7:01 p.m.

"Eco-groovy..." Finger down the throat time.

"What's next?" -- solar-powered slot machines!"

On The Sustainable Chumash

Posted on March 18 at 5:42 p.m.

Ahh . . . Santa Barbara! Where one cannot find real sausages, but must make do with chi-chi turkey, celery, and tofu "wursts"!

May Mr. God have mercy on us all! Head on north, out of the city limits to find the Dutch Garden, where fragments of real German cooking still exist.

On How The Wurst Was Won

Posted on March 6 at 6:56 p.m.

Remember China Castle? They got busted for having 2-3 illegal Chinese in the kitchen. The place was closed; the owners got *a year each in prison*. Because they sheltered illegal immigrants. This, while ever other restaurant was filled with illegal chicanos/chicanas working in their kitchens.

So, there is more going on here than illegality.

On UCSB Student Faces Deportation

Posted on July 8 at 4:50 p.m.

Wanna subsidize the farmers ... ?
Make corn and wheat illegal!

On After 40 years, is the war on drugs still worth waging?

Posted on June 1 at 4:55 p.m.

How'd they come up with nine feet, seven inches? Would an eight-foot fence deter fewer jumpers? . . . a six-footer? Maybe twenty feet high would be safer . . . after all, you could climb nine feet pretty fast if determined.

To be absolutely safe, it'd be better to destroy the bridge entirely, and let us drive down via Stagecoach Road, past Cold Springs Tavern, just like we used to.

Then there's the cars & trucks on 154. They go off the road, crash into each other. People are killed. Maybe we should go back to mules & horses, re-start the stagecoach line! Take life a little easier . . . relax your mind . . . maybe you wouldn't feel like jumping off a bridge then.

On Suicide Barrier Gets Green Light

Posted on May 27 at 1:23 p.m.

Reminds me of a few years ago when a very wealthy Japanese businessman passed away, specifying that a famous painting by Renoir he owned be buried with him...

Who, really, should "own" art?

On Clark Estate Owner Dies at 104

Posted on December 9 at 11:34 a.m.

What makes 154 dangerous is not the design of the roadway, which has been improved steadily since the 1950s, when it was known as Hwy 150. Rather, it is the poor drivers that increasingly use it to either commute from the north county or visit the gambling casino near Solvang. There are the speeders, and then there are the v e r y s l o w drivers, who have yet to discover what a steering wheel is for, and are terrified by a simple curve. These slow ones invariably do *not* pull over in the so-called "passing" lanes - indeed, they are oblivious to any other drivers on the roadway. Instead, they see the two lane sections as an invitation to tromp on the gas, only braking down to their previous sub-limit speeds when the extra lane ends.

In Europe, these are seen as equally dangerous to the speeders, and are inflicted with large fines for not yielding to faster traffic.

On Supes Look to Ban Hazardous Materials on 154

Posted on September 8 at 7:39 p.m.


Speeding is dangerous if you're not a good driver. The actual, safe speed limit is actually affected by dozens of factors, including driver ability, reflexes, road conditions, etc.. That said, I'm quite content to stick to the posted limits.

I'm all for enforcement, but I'd sure like to see some tickets issued for the infractions I mentioned in my previous post - not just speeding. It is just as dangerous to drive too slowly as too fast - in certain circumstances. Generally speaking, a bad driver is consistent in many ways: especially in that he does not allow for other folks on the road, and is either ignorant of traffic laws and / or contemptuous of the rights of others.

BTW my guess is that you might be connected with the former Claussen's Deli in LO. I really miss that place! Everything there is turning into a tourist boutique . . . very sad. The oldest constantly-open gas station in the state of Calif. was turned into a kitsch garden shop!

On Farr and Wolf Talk 154 Safety

Posted on September 8 at 5:59 p.m.

To "get educated" about 154, drive it!

This is a roadway that is under constant geologic pressure, hence ever-changing. It is perfectly safe to drive if one uses one's head, which means that yes, in 15% of the cases, it is quite dangerous. There are idiots that speed, and idiots that go so slowly they frustrate the other drivers. Semi-trailer trucks really have no business using that roadway.

Cal-Trans has installed passing lanes. It is often charming to watch slow drivers totally ignore the signs requesting they stay in the right lane. Then, there are those that, seeing two lanes, speed up, just as long as the extra lane goes, then pull their speed right back down to a crawl for the 2-lane road. My particular favorites are those that pull abreast of the lead car, and then stay there during the entire passing area.

One other note. At approaching dusk, some drivers (who are supposed to be using their headlights at all times) turn on their *parking lights* and feel especially clever. What this means is that, in passing areas, a car can pull out to pass, and seeing a vehicle ahead with its parking lights on, assumes they are the brake lights of a car ahead of them, step on the gas, and speed right into a head on collision.

One final note: all the wonderful "winners" at the Chumash Casino, not in the best of moods, after loosing a packet at the Native American Entertainment & Cultural Center. Move over for these folks!

On Farr and Wolf Talk 154 Safety

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