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Posted on October 16 at 1:11 p.m.

Edhat is lame. Its basically a online version of nosey neighbors playing bridge after church on Sunday complaining about everything and gossiping about everyone... a place where old, lonely hippies go to congratulate themselves on well, living here... Throw in their Nanny's censoring of anything that they dont like and the ridiculously bad photography submitted by who knows who and you have EdHat.

On Best of 2014: Media

Posted on October 16 at 1:03 p.m.

Soho over the Bowl??? The Bowl is one of the best venues in the world! SOhO is one of the worst night clubs in the state... And yet somehow, SOhO beats out the bowl...

On Best of 2104: Out & About

Posted on October 16 at 12:59 p.m.

Folks, these are paid placements. I know they'll swear they're not but the same crappy places win every year and they also happen to be the ones whom, um, advertise in the Independent.

Some of the worst purveyors in town are on this list. How do you think that happens? By votes? Not a chance.

Any Best Of that puts The Cajun ahead of Janine's, Rusty's ahead of any other pizza place (*except maybe Taffy's), Holdrens ahead of Lucky's or Rodney's and puts Woody's as best of anything except "Best Place to Avoid"... is a complete sham.

At least Starbucks didnt win best coffee again this year...

On Best of 2014: Eating

Posted on October 15 at 10:52 a.m.

And now its a ritzy pool club for pretentious botox women and their spoiled bratty offspring...

What ever luster it once had has long since vanished.

On The Coral Casino

Posted on October 14 at 12:27 p.m.

nomoresanity - thank you for also pointing out the great fallacy of this measure. That its designed to protect our water from pollution.

Ag is the elephant in the elevator. They as an industry pollute far more than any other not too mention they use more water than any other... and while some do provide us with food, most are run with one intent. Maximize profits regardless of the outcome.

I find it sad that many of my fellow environmentalists fall for this kind of propaganda. But then again these are people who live in very large, expensive houses, drive expensive cars, wear expensive clothes, buy food from expensive purveyors and use expensive and environmentally disastrous electronic devices...

In other words: The vast majority of supporters of this measure are clueless sheep in Patagonia clothing voting with their emotions rather than their minds.

No on P.

On Why I Support Measure P

Posted on October 13 at 3:53 p.m.

SevenFins yes we get it. You're one of those aging hippies who stole the future of the USA from your grand children but did it for the right reasons...You know, you fought the Man man!

Boy the Boomer's are sure a sorry bunch. And now as they slip into oblivion they continue to steal more and more money and resources from their children, their grand children and their great great grandchildren all while patting themselves on the back for being such good stewards of the land. As if!

Sorry Dolphin, you and your fellow hippies are to blame and no amount of remorse or regressive taxes will change that fact. The Boomer's AKA as the Hippies, the ME generation are the cause of almost every problem we face as a society. They can all be attributed to the worst generation in American history - The Boomers. A group of people who were gifted everything and made damn sure that they were the last generation to benefit for the hard work and generosity of their fore fathers.

Now if you and the rest of your hippie ilk would just hurry up and die we can get to fixing the horrendous mess you and your fellow Boomers created... Get on with it would you.

On The Naked Truth

Posted on October 13 at 12:26 p.m.

Sorry Lauren while you're well meaning you're misguided.

The real polluters of our water is the Ag industry.

They pump unfettered amounts of highly toxic chemicals into the ground to protect their profits. Profits which are made from cheap and often free water... water they have no incentive to save or protect from their massive dump of petrol chemicals and fertilizers.

Sure oil is bad but its got nothing on the ag industry.

If you really cared about clean water, you'd be focused on the #1 cause of fresh water contamination. Farms and Ag.

On Why I Support Measure P

Posted on October 12 at 8:24 a.m.

So the writer of the measure is touting the writing of the measure...

Personally, if Linda was truthful and working with honest intent, her time on this would have been pro bono. But we all know that she and the rest of the gang are well paid and as such are nothing more than shills.

Activists dont do it for the money, they do it in spite of the money.

Linda, you're a shill. Maybe a well meaning shill but a shill none the less. Unless you donate all those dollars you made writing and researching this measure directly to the cause, you're a shill doing it for the money, not for the cause.

On The Naked Truth

Posted on October 12 at 8:15 a.m.

Until the county and the state deals with the true polluters of our water table (agriculture) this measure is just another distraction away from the cold-hard-truth.

The Ag industry is the worst offender of all. Do you people realize that they pollute more and suck more water than any other industry and 60% of their goods are exported overseas? All for profit?

Next time you get your panties all bunched up over oil production, look at the actual numbers of who actually pollutes our waters, our environment and our ecosystems... sure oil plays a part but its nothing compared to the massive destruction perpetrated by the mega farmers and their mega corp owners...

On Dodging Measure P Oil Slicks

Posted on October 12 at 8:05 a.m.

Interesting that it costs so much for them to simply display data that should be readily available...

All this does is anger me. We spend so much money on frivolous and worthless things... and then we get threatened with less police, less fire services and other essential civic services by the very people who spent all the money.

When will we stop letting the foxes guard the hen house? I suppose when we stop electing the least capable, most self indulgent morons in society to run things... in other words: Never

On City Launches Financial Transparency Tool

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