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Posted on June 18 at 11:35 a.m.

ahole, you obviously know little of SB's history. Most of this town was built by so-called East Coasters. In fact, the most prominent and popular areas of this town can be traced to the wealth and ideals of these so-called east coasters.

Dont be a cliche. Educate yourself and you wont be so easily dismissed and passed over like most of the "locals"...

On International Student Host Company Buys Brooks Institute

Posted on June 18 at 8:39 a.m.

Byrne is tenacious and tough. This is great news as she has a really great chance of winning. Which would be the cherry on the top of the district election sundae as Byrne is most definitely not Latino... Although like Rachel Dolezal she may think she is...

How will they litigate this one?

On Sharon Byrne Announces Run for City Council

Posted on June 17 at 11:50 a.m.

With you Art. One could say the same thing about SB city leadership as they are more interested in appearances than functionality and are much more inclined to cater to the wants and needs of the tourism and hospitality industries over the citizens, voters and tax payers of the very city they represent.

That's just the way it is these days. We are a society that cares more about appearances than anything...

However if I were still 19 and poor and wanting an education, I wouldnt sacrifice a roof over my head for a few days a week at the beach. There are far better places in both cost and lifestyle than SB. Better schools as well.

On Many UCSB and SBCC Students Struggle with Homelessness

Posted on June 17 at 8:24 a.m.

Enforce immigration and work laws and you'll free up a sizable amount of jobs. As long as we supplement the profits of local business owners by allowing them to hire and pay illegal workers below market rates, we will have a wage issue at the lowest levels.

Why do restaurant and hospitality businesses get a free pass? Why do we allow them to exploit both workers and our communities resources to help assure their profits?

The immigrants are willing to work for less and since there are far more of them then jobs, the wages remain artificially low for all entry level and service jobs. We dont need a $15 Min Wage. We need less illegal workers in the job pool. The market will balance the issue but only if we make it level... currently, we basically give the service industry a subsidy which allows them to increase their profits while holding down the avg wage. Nothing about this is fair.

On Wages Remain Stagnant for South Coast Workers

Posted on June 17 at 8:18 a.m.

I can understand being homeless and attending UCSB but I cannot see why someone would attend SBCC and remain homeless. While UCSB is one of the top schools in the world for many pursuits, SBCC is the same as any other community college anywhere in the state.

Move somewhere cheap. There are many places in CA where you can rent a 1bdrm for $500 a month and share an apt for even less. Why would you remain in the most expensive place in the state for an education that was exactly the same as the cheapest places?

On Many UCSB and SBCC Students Struggle with Homelessness

Posted on June 13 at 9:01 a.m.

If the contract is up in a year, then they're in the same position regardless of whether its run by the city of a management company.

Management companies mange, they do not operate. I dont see why any management company would change course (pun intended) when they have a good tenant operating with good faith and a good customer base.

Regardless, the golf course needs help. Badly. I look forward to a new team of experienced professionals to take over the course and lift it to its potential. As it stands, its run like a underfunded, mismanaged municipal park. It can do so much better with people at the helm who have experience elsewhere. A large part of this city is run by people with zero outside experience. This lack of perspective and experience is a big driver of our cities financial and operational woes. The era of nepotism needs to end.

Mulligans is great. I seriously doubt their contract wont be renewed. And even if it is, they can find a nice spot elsewhere in the city and the same people will come.

On Mulligans Café May Lose Big in Privatization of Muni Links

Posted on June 11 at 5:02 p.m.

This doesnt sound accurate. The city is considering outsourcing the golf course management to a private company. I have read nothing in any of the reports that would indicate that this would impact Mulligans as its neither run by the city or a problem.

The course needs to be better managed. That is not at all in question by anyone but the city employees that milk it for their pay. It is terribly run and the cost savings paired with much needed improvements would do wonders for the little gem of a course.

No where have I read or heard anything about changing the restaurant.

Can you please supply some sort of proof that a private golf course management company would take over the restaurant as well? If not, this sounds like hyperbole and conjecture.

On Keep Mulligan's Open!

Posted on June 11 at 11:39 a.m.

I discovered this fact years ago when talking with a few very wealthy folks. They all held real estate in IV and were the farthest thing from local. These are billionaires folks, not the typical Pini type of landlord. Multi generational wealth managed by hordes of lawyers and accountants...

Very limited land, no new building allowed or even considered, the safety of CA/USA and a steady supply of wealthy students. The perfect place to own property.

On Isla Vista: Investor's Paradise

Posted on June 11 at 11:22 a.m.

What a ridiculous question. If people had any idea of the pollution levels in the water they'd move to Nebraska.

Do you know how many pharmaceuticals, pesticides, trash and waste are in the water? Obviously not.

Its also quite hilarious that many of the so-called environmentalist who are so concerned with the oil spill, spread all sorts of chemicals all over their bodies, use them in their homes, on their clothes and have some of the most toxic items on earth in their computers, their phones and kitchens...

On Since the oil spill, do you feel safe swimming in the ocean?

Posted on June 10 at noon

Downhill skating is ridiculously fun albeit sketchy. Hope she recovers and can get back on her board.

Reports wrote about a head injury so I have to wonder if she was wearing a helmet and pads.

On Gibraltar Skateboarder Sustains Major Head Injuries

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