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Posted on March 15 at 6:56 p.m.

'littered with trash, garbage, human and canine and human excrement'
Geoff - you've accurately described what many residents and businesses in the Milpas corridor are so upset about. When that is the condition the city allows to fester in your neighborhood, you begin to wonder who it is they actually serve. We too know the feeling of being shouted down by Asman and acolytes. What's really at stake here? Helping people, or furthering one's ego ambitions? It's admirable that you're volunteering to clean it up yourself, as we too have done often in our community. Unfortunately, that alone won't solve the problem. I used to visit the labyrinth often when I lived in that neighborhood. It's appalling to hear the conditions as you've described them.

On Trinity Episcopal Church Origins

Posted on April 14 at 6:02 p.m.

Hi Geof,

Nice to see you this morning, and I appreciate you letting me know about this comment to respond to it. While I wouldn't say I have 'scientific' data, as there hasn't been a scientific experiment on the subject to my knowledge, I do have police data that corresponds with Planning Commission decisions that make my case. I'll be happy to show you those. They are public record, so you can always find them yourself, but I'll be happy to sit down and walk you through them. Cheers.

On Downtown Detox Gets Green Light

Posted on March 20 at 4:23 p.m.

Wow. I thought witch-burnings went out with Salem, in the 1600's, in this country. My recent arrival here was 11 years ago. I relocated to work for a company here then in the high tech industry, which has since moved to the Bay Area. It was widely known in the industry at the time that one would face frequent moves to stay with the technology as it moved through various iterations, and companies. The only statement I made with the word 'control' in it Tuesday was to support Brian Bosse's statement, that moving the detox center would enable Casa Esperanza to gain greater control over their operations. The MCA supported this, as we were requested to by Casa Esperanza. There's video of all the public comments, on the city's website from the hearing. Why not just verify it there, instead of purporting there were some 'eyewitness accounts where a word was used'?
You are welcome to beat on me for all sorts of things, but at least try to get them right. Libel is when you make things up, like Calvary Church membership, stealing jobs, recent relocations, and the like. SantaNa hasn't owned up to their mistake there, and neither has McDermott, which speaks volumes about the people posting personal attacks here.

On Downtown Detox Gets Green Light

Posted on March 19 at 7:17 p.m.

@SantaNa, what's up with this?
'Members of other non profit subgroups, like Sharon Byrne, from the Milpas Community Association (MCA) - heavily involved in Calvary Chapel Baptist Church (that broadcast extremely violent depictions within their modern commercial artwork) - publicly announces her desire for, "control."'
For the record, I am a buddhist, never been to Calvary or involved there, and really don't know anything about them to comment in any other capacity...
Nor did I public announce desire for "control".
I don't know why the Indy didn't flag you under #7 for personal, libelous attacks...but surely this qualifies...

On Downtown Detox Gets Green Light

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