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Posted on October 28 at 8:22 a.m.

So many of the commenters have seemed to have forgotten where they live. In the USA we are ALL suppose to be considered innocent until it has been proven a law was broken.
Several people actually applauded to use of such violence, I can only assume they are they same people who support the private prison industry, the 3 strike law, and their loopholes so they don't have to pay for any of it.
As someone who grew up in SB I can still remember when the cops instead of beating you and throwing you in jail, would use their own commonsense , and follow you home to make sure you got home safely. There was a time when the cops in this town were part of the community instead of part of the problem. I know those days are long gone and that is exactly why the hundreds of #Occupy groups are forming across the World. 99% of us, among many other things, want this type of Police/Gov. violence to be punished in the same way we would be punished. While we have sat and been silent way too long while the sweeping under the rug of broken laws just by virtue of ones station in life, be it Cop, Wall St. Broker, or President continues hundreds, if not thousands of times a day.
Release the Video to the Public or jail the cop until it is used as evidence of Assault and Battery Under the Cover Authority. As a Federal Crime that should carry enough time to make other officers to think twice before taking a bad day out on Citizen.

On Man Tased 13 Times During Arrest

Posted on September 26 at 11:14 p.m.

Any sane discussion would begin with pricing. I'm willing to bet the author pays 1200 to 1500 a month for the 1 br apt that should cost half that if not less. Some HUD housing of twice that size goes for 600 to 700 a month in North County. If the State or County could find a way to buy a few foreclosures or more maybe just the rent could make the payments. This would being helping neighbors in many different ways.

On Nice Cube

Posted on August 25 at 5:11 a.m.

The new Bill was just registered, now it is on to the signature collection phase if we want to vote on legalization for Adults only in the next election.

As for the zoning meeting having low attendance, I read 30 to 50 news sources a day and never saw any announcement. Could be my bad, but not everyone could of "just missed it" could they ? If we pass the new Bill we will be making all this moot anyway. Let them have their little powertrip right up until Americans get tired of see family in jail with their lives ruined not to mention having to keep paying 30,000 to 50,000 a yr to feed and house them. Giving them welfare and housing would save the county/State over 10,000 a yr per inmate. Heck, it might even finally get the Courts to say our jails are up to the minimum standards of safety, health care, and not Overcrowding the detains like sardines.

No need to keep funding the private prison industry is there when we can save the money for our own schools and communities ? We might even be able to save enough staff the new Santa Maria Jail in the right manner. Sounds like a win-win doesn't it ?

On County Starts Pot Rules Vision Quest

Posted on June 19 at 7:30 a.m.

Sec. of State Clinton was asked recently about ending the War on Drugs siad it would never happen because of the amount of money involved, I'm paraphasing slightly. What she didn't do was explain what she meant.
In the last couple yrs several major banks have been busted for laundrying huge amounts of Cartel Profits, making billions in profits of their own. The only thing that happen to these banks was a minor fine ( less than the cost of doing business), and a slap on the wrist. Not one single Banker was charged or sent to jail for being a major player in the World-Wide Drug Trade.
Add to the above that some countries majority of GDP comes from the growing and exporting of drugs across the world, to legalize drugs could cause a worldwide depression or put billions of more people to work in a new blossoming legal industry. I will let you decide which model would continue to let the rich get richer and which would help end poverty.
Just what was Hillary Clinton saying ?

On Activists Speak Out Against War on Drugs

Posted on June 14 at 10:46 p.m.

Atty Gen. Holders attack on States Rights is only makng this matter worse. Since when does a Govenor go to jail for signing a bill into law ? That is the new threat being sent around. I mean , Really ?

On The War on Drugs 40 Years Later

Posted on June 5 at 3:48 p.m.

The People in SB should look into the damage done to Lompocs locals and their Beach just below the train stop. It is a shame to see such a beautiful beach off-limit in all but the coldest months of the yr. The control of the Beach is under the Air Force at Vandenberg, making sure that it will never be returned for either the locals or the tourists anytime soon. BTW in the last 40 trips to pick someone up or down them off, I have not seen a single Plover, Adult or babies. That is a time period of about 6 yrs or so.

On City Hall Squawking over Snowy Plover Protections

Posted on May 22 at 7:39 a.m.

1.2 Million in services cut to the poor and disabled in one of the richest citys in the country just sounds down-right unpatriotic. We have people who live in this county that spend that much a yr just to keep the grounds of their McMansons looking perfect. I grew-up in old Santa Barbara, during those times it was nothing for a local to donate funds like theses without a blink of the eye just because it was their community. We still have the rich here , the difference is that old money knew things that the new money have yet to even think about yet, that if they want to live in this sort of paradise it is their duty to help keep it that way. Putting more homeless, sick, elderly and disabled out on the street is not the way to do that. We used to spend 1.2million or more for statues every yr, now we can't afford help for those Raped, Abused, or with some other problem ?

Something stinks downtown and it's not those asking for quarter.

On County Deep-Sixes Funding for 75 Nonprofit Programs

Posted on May 17 at 1:04 p.m.

After reading this article I called my realtor and told her to stop our search for a home in the Carp./ SB area. I had no idea that community had decided to suspend the rights of Americans and it is no place to raise my children to believe the American dream of freedom from the Jackboot of oppression by our government. Secondhand smoke in the middle of a open park or public beach reeks of the same reason our forefathers left England.
American has increasingly become that which we hated. Our prisons are full of young people whose only crime was to smoke a little pot. We ruin their lives for some stupid puritan belief that Cannabis is harmful when in fact it is being found to be a cure for many forms of cancer among many other diseases. I grew up in SB and it is no longer the progressive community that made us so special. When will it end ?

On Carpinteria: Santa Barbara County’s No Smoking Section

Posted on January 16 at 1:42 p.m.

The numbers saying to leave Right to Health Care Act alone restore my faith a little in Santa Barbarians. Maybe we haven't been overrun wiith outsiders yet.

On Obama vs. the Republicans?

Posted on January 16 at 1:38 p.m.

Selective enforcement of this kind is unconstitutional. I must of used water from that fountain 30 or 40 times a yr ever since it was placed there. From rinsing off our little ones of sand or what ever ice cream goodies they got on themselves while we enjoyed the weekend Art Show to cooling off my own feet.

Santa Barbara used to believe its Art was meant to be enjoyed while used in practical ways. We built those beautiful benches along State St. as pieces of Useful Art yet many in this town complain if some sit there too long for their liking.

On Sandman Leaving Town After Citation

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