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Posted on March 9 at 7:24 p.m.

Sadly young men like this mize fellow have gone to far off the path to be saved. They do not fear imprisonment or death. So leave them, if people like Mize want to change, they will seek it and ask for it.
So we must look to rehabilitate and save those on the outside of prison, Those who are imprisoned in the gang bang mentality but who are still at the beginning of this destructive and ultimately self-destructive life style. I believe more after school programs would help, like the boys and girls club. Unfortunantly gang members have already claimed these spots as their "hang outs" that and low funding is killing one of our greatest hopes to save future generations.
I believe after school programs give "poor" children direction and show them possible futures where you dont have to deal, or kill. We have to show you latino kidsthat latinos dont have to be cholos to have an identity.

On Gang Murder Cases Collide in Juvenile Hall

Posted on March 9 at 7:55 a.m.

Oh i forgot to mention, squabbling amonst ourselves is not helping because everyone has their own opinion and I cant change it nor am i trying to. I am just trying to find people of like mind so that maybe we can change something, help somebody and maybe just do some good.

On Witness to Leal Murder Assaulted

Posted on March 9 at 7:47 a.m.

So that conversation went in a strange direction.
All i was trying to get across, is that Gangs are the problem and we as citizens are allowing this problem to grow. Now the Batman comment was a little low and childish, I would have prefered to be compared to a clint eastwood character. Dirty Harry. Haha, but thats just me messing around right there.
In all seriousness let me tell you about a conversation i had with a fellow santa barbarian at work the other day. We were talking about the topic of "Might makes Right" and of course he was on the side of peace and non-violence. "When I asked him what if some one attacked you, would you do anything?" he said of course they are trying to hurt me. Understandable, when asked my next question "what if you witnesses someone else being attacked and hurt, would you intervene." he said no because it would only inspire more violence. Im sorry there is only one word for that, cowardice.
my brother was involved with gangs and to be honest if he wouldnt of quit because of his newborns, well more than likely his picture would have been on the front of the Independent. so I have witnessed the senseless acts of stupidity and violence first hand and I know what we must do to stop this rise in violence and Gangs. We must spread awareness, organize and ACT!!

On Witness to Leal Murder Assaulted

Posted on March 6 at 7:52 a.m.

incidents like this wont end till the people rise up and do something about it. something big.
First comes awareness and then action and I dont mean marches and protesting. I say we fight fire with fire. We should defend ourselves the only way these villians will understand by violence.
The violent only understand, respect and fear greater violence. If the people rise up as one, we will be unstoppable. Enough is Enough!
I dont want to see the streets i grew up on become dangerous for the kids who are growing up on the streets now. Santa Barbara is my city, our city we have to take it back.

On Witness to Leal Murder Assaulted

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