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Posted on May 28 at 4:33 p.m.

I, a straight male, marched in support of gay marriage because once a right is legally granted it is legally and morally indefensible to rescind it by popular vote, and because I stand for Love In The Highest.
The Lord would not create a gay person and a straight person and not love both equally, and not intend both to have equal rights.
There is a war going on. The opponents are love and fear (hate is derived from fear). It is not a war of violence, it is a war of justice. Love will be our sword and our shield, and we will win in the end.
The march was led by our brave Christian pastor. She is not gay, but nonetheless understands the full meaning of Love In The Highest and joyously affirmed it to us all.
She was ordained by a denomination that does not support gay marriage and threatens any minister who presides at such ceremonies with being defrocked.
She nevertheless rebelled, and officiated several gay marriages, both in our church and elsewhere.
When she was brought up to face inquisition, with unflinching defiance she declared, "I stand for love, so take your best shot".
Because she was aglow with the Holy Spirit, her inquisitors backed off.
Ultimately, Love In The Highest will always defeat hate.

On Protestors Rally Against Prop 8 Ruling

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