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Posted on October 25 at 11:25 a.m.

Gang problems start small. If you look at the beginnings of gangs like 18th ST. and the other large gangs of Los Angeles, they were just some guys hanging out too but they are a national problem now. The goals of these gangs are to imitate the harshest monsters they know and then try to out do them. It's a contest to see who can be the most brutal and the prize is respect and fear. When people make socialist excuses for them, they embolden them. These guys aren't going to get better, this is the life they choose. They skip school, tattoo their faces, speak gutter spanglish, and then complain there are no opportunities. These guys had their warning call. They had just got out of jail because of a gang crackdown. They knew the police were watching them and everyone they knew but still chose to kill a man for no reason. They didn't rob him, they just killed him. This is the mentality and lack of intelligence that is inherent to the gang mentality. Look at one of their favorite tattoo themes, the theater masks they renamed "Smile now, Cry later". We need to make them cry now! The cops are ineffectual, they come to the scene after the crime has been committed to take a report. Do your jobs government. You can't save these jerk offs, you have to remove them from society by any means afforded to you. Quit making excuses for them because it makes your job easier. If you don't stop these guys now, it will soon be to late. Every big gang started small and where encouraged by people saying "They just need a little love and a chance to succeed".

Yes, I own a .357 mag and I will put a freedom sized hole in anyone who would hurt my family regardless of their socio-economic standing in this quiet beach-side town.

To the posters that mentioned marijuana, you may have failed to notice that the bail for the worst of these monsters is 1 million dollars. The two people they just arrested for owning dispensaries have a 2 million dollar bail a piece. So our own government feels that being in a gang and beating a man to death for fun is only half as bad as selling a plant. Stay classy Santa Barbara.

On Man Beaten to Death on Walk Home

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