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Posted on November 13 at 9:03 a.m.

In response to these christain hollier than thous.... first of all the middle east is not against this country because of homosexuals... it a little thing they have never forgottne called the CRUSADES! Strike a note.. where "christian solders" marched into the middle east and slaughterded tens of thousand woman and children of the muslem persaution..... Then another great move on behalf of religion... the 100s of people in this country killed and burned at the stake for being witches..... not to mention the religious influence behind the KKK.... burning crosses... hanging innocent people... buring thier homes to the ground.... the mormons and others totally against blacks having equal rights or being allowed to join their gated temples... THIS is what religion stand for.. HATE and if you dont believe be.. check a history book. And this thing they call curing the gays with electro shock theraphy... you dotn CURE gay you just drive them back in the closet and make you feel better about your bigotry....

On No on Prop 8 Vigil

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