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Posted on May 25 at 6:15 p.m.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that anyone would THINK of hiking after the Jesusita fire. The damage that hiking causes to the loose rock and shale is INCOMPREHENSIBLE, as well as being EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL to the privacy of those who are SUFFERING in the vicinity of the trails. Please do not cause any more AGONY to the victims of this fire by hiking on the trails.

Hiking is not only HEARTLESS and MALICIOUS to the victims of the fire, it is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS with patches of PERILOUS GRAVEL in some parts of the trail, and other sections which have become partially obstructed by HAZARDOUS, INCOMPLETELY BURNED BRUSH. Geologists estimate that each hiker to use the Tunnel trail will cause roughly 100 BILLION METRIC TONS of soil erosion ~ nearly 200% of the erosion caused by the fire itself.

The fact that a CHAIN LINK FENCE has not yet been erected to keep ILLEGAL HIKERS off the trails is a testament to the POOR DECISION MAKING ABILITIES of the city government. These are the same people who planned the I madonnari festival to take place DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO THE BURN AREA. This is no time for festivals or chalk painting people! It is a time of LOSS and would make much more sense to CANCEL UNECESSARY CIVIC ACTIVITIES, ERECT BARBED WIRE FENCES and post POLICE OFFICERS to ARREST ANYONE who INTERFERES WITH THE HEALING PROCESS, ESPECIALLY HIKERS!!!

On Jesusita Burn Area Trails Re-Open

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