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Posted on February 12 at 9:41 a.m.

After reading the comments on this page, it becomes abundantly clear that Jesse could never have gotten a fair trial in Santa Barbara. The ignorance, hate and vitriol spews forth like lava from the potential jury pools in good old SB. Especially the vile. ignorant and mean comments aimed at Melinda. Hopefully, Jesse will get a new trial in a different city. The comment page here on this article will be useful as evidence to support a change of venue motion.

On Meet Mrs. Jesse James Hollywood

Posted on February 11 at 1:15 p.m.

Round one goes to the self richeous and bloodthirsty masses in Santa Barbara. This fight has just begun. Thanks

On Jesse James Hollywood Sentence Upheld

Posted on February 9 at 4:36 p.m.


The record shows (by their own admissions) that Graham Pressley, Jesse Rugge and Ryan Hoyt drove Nick up to lizards mouth and machine gunned him to death while Jesse was 100 miles away with absolutely NO power over any of them. If any one of them had simply picked up the phone before the fateful drive or walked him away from that hotel room to "a place of safety", or drove him home, Nick would still be alive today.

The myth created by the SBDAs office, the SB press, tabliod TV shows like Dateline and AMW about the all powerful Alpha Dog is and always has been a bunch of concocted BS...But it did make great fiction, and provided the DA with his narritive which could only be sold to those who were inundated with this fairytale for ten years before they sat in judgement. That's not the way it's supposed to work.

Thanks for your concern...

On Jesse James Hollywood Sentence Upheld

Posted on February 9 at 4:18 p.m.

"Forgiveness is not about condoning another's hurtful actions, it is about releasing your negative emotions and perceptions about the painful events. Otherwise you keep yourself chained to those events or people - you keep it alive within you - and you carry it with you where-ever you go. It is a very heavy burden to carry around and you end up crippling yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Holding on to anger, resentment, etc. keeps you in 'victim' mode - powerless. It means you are letting those people who have hurt you in the past dictate who you are in the present moment. You can take your power back by releasing these negative emotions and no longer let them hold sway over your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Only you are responsible for what you do, think and feel. You can choose to hold on to painful events, like a weight around your neck, or you can choose to remove that burden by releasing it (giving it no more emotional energy and therefore power) and living a happier life despite past circumstances. In other words... let the past be in the past, and live in the now moment. You can't change what happened in the past, but you have choice over how you live now.

When you assume responsibility for what you experience
and share what you experience in a spirit of companionship,
that is the same as forgiveness.
When you hold someone responsible for what you experience,
you lose power......"

~ Gary Zukav - from "Seat Of The Soul" ~

On Letter from Susan Markowitz

Posted on February 9 at 3:06 p.m.


If you actually read the comments here, it is abundantly clear who is "spiteful and hateful". Start with YOURS champ. The spite and hate jumps right off the screen at you.

"Hope you enjoy writing all those checks to Blatt and Kessel."

"Hopefully, he'll get even more of what he truly deserves behind bars as well."

" I hope someone gives him a little prison justice."

"He should of been put to death, what a smug lil punk. He needs to be put to death."

"Too bad the lights did not dim at the penitentiary."

Nice, compassionate, classy lot you all are. Sounds a little bit like incitement to murder. You should all be very proud of your quiet little beach town....Thanks

On Jesse James Hollywood Sentence Upheld

Posted on February 9 at 11:31 a.m.

Upon reading the comments on this page, it becomes abundantly clear that there is definitely a lynch mob mentality that prevails in Santa Barbara regarding this case. Jesse did not get a fair trial because of the constant media demonization he was subject to from day one, especially in the local press and TV.

Is it true that local Santa Barbara newspaper hero Barney Brantingham is Graham Pressley's grandfather? Maybe if Jesse's grandpa was a columnist for the SB Newspress from the beginning of this debaucle, Pressley would be doing life without and Jesse would've gotten the 5 year sentence. I guess it's just who you know here in good old SB...


On Jesse James Hollywood Sentence Upheld

Posted on August 21 at 5:27 p.m.

srfr_grl-Jesse is innocent of 1st degree murder in this case. All those who know him realize that this is true. Justice has not yet been served. Thanks for your concern.

Canada-Thank you for your thoughtful commentary. In a world full of mean spirited knee jerk reactionaries, you are a breath of fresh air.

On Impressions of a Juror

Posted on August 21 at 2:27 p.m.

srfr_grl-I never have stated that I was not close to Jesse or his family. I have known him and his family since before he was born. I know him first hand, not through ficticious newspaper, TV, and movie reports that you and the rest of the lynch mob get your information from. What is abundantly clear through this entire ordeal is that those who really know this man support him as they know Jesse isn't the evil Alpha Dog/King of Thugs character that has been falsely portrayed by the Santa Barbara DAs office and the media. Everybody who knows Jesse likes & respects him. The only enemy he has ever had who knew him was Ben Markowitz.

In his trial, two people from the Santa Barbara jail where Jesse has been held in isolation for the last 4-1/2 years spoke in his defense. They were in contact with him intimately over a long period of time. Did you notice that they had a completely different take on Jesse than Josh Lynn who stood there for three months insulting and taking dishonest cheapshots at Jesse? Mr Lynn doesn't know Jesse at all. Never met him or even talked to him. The nurse from the jail who was in contact with Jesse for over four years was fired for attending the trial. Then after being fired, she decided on her own to come and speak on Jesse's behalf. She was visited later that evening by a couple of goons from the SBDAs office who threatened to charge her with crimes and arrest her. They were angry that she may have foiled their attempt to kill Jesse.

I sincerely hope that if you and any of the jurors in this case or your families are ever accused of a crime, they don't have people like you or the jury in this case deciding their fate. Good luck & God bless....

On Impressions of a Juror

Posted on August 21 at 11:54 a.m.

srfr-grl posted:

"At 19, he bought a 3-story white stucco home for $200,000, just a few blocks away from the Markowitz family, making the $41,000 down payment in cash. He drove a black Mercedes and a blue sports car."....

"This states he had 2 cars not one, if one was in the shop where was the other one?"

Jesse drove a 1989 Mercedes which he purchased for $4000. He owned a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible which was never running while Jesse owned it. He was in the early stages of restoring the vehicle when this event took place.It didn't even have an engine in it. The Mercedes was dropped off at the shop on the 8th (police reports support this) & Michele picked Jesse up and drove to Caseys house. Jesse borrowed Caseys car to pick up Hoyt. Jesse & Hoyt showed up at Caseys house where Jesse asked Casey if Hoyt could borrow his car to go and pick up Rugge & Nick to bring them back to the valley. That was at around 8:00 pm on the 8th. Hoyt didn't show up at the Lemon Tree until after midnight. What transpired between 8:00 and midnight? This is an obviously important question that has not been adressed. The last contact that Jesse H had with Rugge was at around 8:30, as confirmed by the phone logs. Rugge, Pressley, Addams, & Jesse H all testified that JJH told Rugge that Hoyt was coming to Santa Barbara to pick Nick up and take him home.

The house was a ONE story two bedroom home. He did not make the down payment in cash. There are records to prove that the down payment was made via check. Why do you suppose that this article made it seem as if Jesse walked into an escrow office with a pile of dirty $20 dollar bills? Why do you think the article intimated that he was driving a $50K car and had a blue sports car? Why would the press twist, lie & distort the facts? Maybe to further demonize the Mansonesque Alpha Dog. Hmmmmmm, Ya think?... He never owned a blue sports car. So much for the accuracy of the article, which was no doubt dictated to the scribe from someone in the Santa Barbara DA office.

There is a reason that juries are admonished to ignore anything they see or have seen in the newspapers or on TV and movies in this case. The reason is because these mediums are generally full of lies, exagerations, and distortions. I can see by your posts here, that you draw many false conclusions from these dubious scorces. It is also apparent to me that several of the jurors in this case were tainted by the 9 year campaign of lies and distortions spewed forth by the SBDA office through their willing minions in the press, the TV, (AMW, Dateline) and the movie (Alpha Dog), which was developed with full (and illegal) cooperation of the Santa Barbara DAs office.

Perhaps you should rethink the validity of your scources before you pass judgement.


On Impressions of a Juror

Posted on August 21 at 12:06 a.m.

srfr-grl- Here are some statements & questions you made that I think need to be adressed:

1)"How did Hoyt really get a hold of the Tec 9 that JJH admited was his, even though he says that he left that gun at Hoyt's grandma's house months ago, how can he prove that?"

Several witnesses, including Ben Markowitz testified that the gun was kept in Hoyts grandmothers garage.

2)"if JJH wasn't the mastermind of the whole operation and Rugge didn't fear JJH, why did Rugge wait for JJH's decission to send Nick home"

There was no evidence given that states that Rugge waited for Jesse Hs decision to send Nick home. Jesse testified that he asked Nick if he wanted a ride home the night before at Rugges house and Nick said he wanted to stay. Natasha Adams said that she told Nick he was free to go several times on the 7th and the 8th but Nick chose to stay.

3)"Why did JJH provide a car for Hoyt that wasn't his, why didn't he just lend Hoyt his own vehicle if the intention was just to take Nick home?"

Jesse did not have a car to give to Hoyt at that time. His only car was in the shop, as police records confirm. He, Casey & Michele took Micheles car to the restaurant for her birthday. Hoyt borrowed Caseys car.

4)"Why was JJH afraid or refused to tell his own father Nick's where abouts, if his intentions was to send Nick home anyway?"

That never happened. It was just made up by Nick Cassavetes & Ron Zonen of the Santa Barbara DAs office. By the time Jesse's father talked to Jesse at Michele's hoiuse it was 1:00 AM. Jesse told his father that Nick was taken home. You probably saw that on the "FICTION" movie Alpha Dog. I believe many of the jurors also based their verdicts on the fiction of this movie along with the tabloid reporting of AMW, (as is evident in this story, and NBC Dateline which also plays pretty fast and loose with the FACTS.

On Impressions of a Juror

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