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Posted on February 10 at 4:27 p.m.

What's with the "arbitrator’s award of attorney’s fees to former News-Press editor Jerry Roberts, now amounting to about $900,00, including interest." What kind of number is that? Is that suppose to be $90,000, $900,00 or $900.00? Please edit the copy.

On Court Hears Jerry Roberts Case

Posted on February 6 at 6:41 a.m.

So the cones were set up 200 feet away from the crosswalk, roughly 2/3 of a football field which seems like a long distance. Was the decoy actually in the crosswalk when the drivers were ticketed or were they supposed to be anticipating that the decoy might enter the crosswalk. I'm all for keeping the streets safer but I have seen more times when pedestrian approached the corner and didn't enter the crosswalk but stopped and looked for traffic to be lighter before entering the crosswalk.

My point is that if the decoy is in the crosswalk, then the drivers should be ticketed if they don't stop to let them cross. From the write up it sounds like the cops were ticketing people if they didn't stop before what they felt was a somewhat arbitrary distance from the crosswalk. It sounds like some of those 60 drivers did stop but got ticketed anyway. That shouldn't stand up in court.

On Police Cite 60 Drivers During Crosswalk Stings

Posted on February 1 at 6:37 a.m.

Sounds like a great adventure. Only thing I would argue with is that I love the Willow Springs trail. You will see some endemic species of wildflowers that you will not be able to see any where else and get some spectacular views. Yes, it is a little more wilderness experience than the Davey Brown trail but sometimes the soul needs that.

On Figueroa Mountain One-Day Hike/Bike

Posted on January 23 at 6:12 a.m.

Having been to Amsterdam a number of times, I loved to see the Dutch bikes at the Wheelhouse. Had a hard time convincing myself not to buy one. The problem as I see it is that Amsterdam is incredibly flat and those beautiful heavy duty, and heavy bikes will last several lifetimes whee the weight of the bike doesn't matter. I just couldn't see myself trying to pump them up all the hills of Santa Barbara. Great products, just in the wrong locale.

On WheelHouse Going Out of Business

Posted on January 4 at 6:42 a.m.

The article is entitled, "What is money," but it explains how money is used, not what money is. Money is debt, period. Anyone who holds money, holds a debt from someone else that should theoretically be paid at some point in time. The more money a society has, the more debt there is.

Here's where it gets interesting. Farmer Green has his corn and let's say Sawyer Red has some wood products. Both are real and tangible. If they trade, then the real world is still in balance.

With money, some third party creates money out of nothing or out of something of very little value. Say I create dollar bills and it costs me .05 on the dollar to do so. As mentioned in the article with the example of the T’ang dynasty, I have to convince both Farmer Green and Sawyer Red that my .05 of paper is worth a dollar of their goods. So Farmer Green and Sawyer Red have an easier time selling goods and getting other goods in return, but Ruler T’ang is the real winner here, creating $1 out of $.05. So Ruler T’ang is the real holder, creator and exploiter of wealth while Farmer Green and Sawyer Red work their butts off to try to get more of the "currency."

The only way for this system can continue to function is for Ruler T’ang to continue to create more and more paper dollars, which as I mentioned before, is really debt. Eventually this house of debt always collapses and the game is started again by some other ruler.

On What Is Money?

Posted on July 8 at 8:24 a.m.

Circumcision of babies should only be allowed in cases where both parents have also been circumcised and the baby has given written consent. Otherwise - No.

On Circumcision: Cut It Out?

Posted on April 20 at 4:09 p.m.

I wonder if House is happy with his Rowse now?

On Council Duo Suffocates Plastic-Bag Ban

Posted on April 13 at 10:01 a.m.

Is it a good place to work? Anyone know?

On Yardi Systems Continues Expansion in Goleta

Posted on April 13 at 9:36 a.m.

Very tragic and sad. Just a couple of comments.

I know people who swim in the ocean every day. Some do that early in the morning before work. What time is that - 6 or 7? Four am is a little early but keep in mind that the water temperature doesn't change as rapidly as the air temperature does. The temp at 4 isn't going to be much different from that at 7 or 10 or noon.

Most of us have seen drowning scenes in the movies. People yelling and thrashing around. In fact, almost all people who drown drown quietly without any drama. No screaming, no thrashing. Perhaps the witnesses didn't see the movie type behavior so didn't realize that she was in trouble. They saw someone serenely swimming in the ocean. It would good if everyone knew that they are not going to see signs of distress from someone drowning. It's unfortunate that those workers didn't know that but it is not their fault. Blame Hollywood and think of yourself. Did you know how quietly people drown? Most people don't know.

The MEN on the dock saw the WOMAN in the water swimming in the nude. Any honorable or experienced man is going to think twice before they go running or swimming after a naked woman. Sad to say but sexuality, chances of the woman misunderstanding your intent and respect for the woman's privacy would come to my mind. What happens if I am wrong? What happens if I get arrested for assault or sued?

So this is very tragic and sad. However, it has nothing to do with Darwin - she already has children so no genes were eliminated plus isn't that really a very cold thing to say about someone who recently accidentally died? This also has nothing to do with Kitty Genovese. There was no one being attacked, no screams for help, no neighbors ignoring her.

It is what it is. A woman who apparently had too much to drink drown. Some workers thought they were keeping an eye on her and one tried to rescue her. Why try to make it more than it is?

On Woman Drowns Off Stearns Wharf

Posted on January 6 at 1:47 p.m.

No relationship, of course, between the enormous increase in DUI arrests, the big increase in parking tickets and other traffic violations in the city and the sorry state of Santa Barbara's finances? I live in SB and drive with great care in SB because I know that they are hungry for money and would prefer to take it from the careless.

On Huge Increase in DUI Arrests

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