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Posted on August 23 at 3:23 a.m.

Mr. Armenta and the rest do not represent the Chumash as a whole, Most of those tribal band members would show a closer relation To Manny Pacquiao, then to an actual Native American, Want to shut people up take a DNA test silence the others forever......As for development of Camp 4, without a doubt it would be developed and will be developed, Santa Barbara County is not setting a presidence for the State nor the Nation, What the County did do is set themselves up for a long road of Litigation of which in the end you will lose , Sad but true, that tribe and any other has more power then any municipality not to mention the full legal support of B.I.A for you idiot's in the valley that means' Federal Gov't, You think the county is broke now, Just wait, You may have caused a set back but I promise it will bite you in the Rear, Mrs. Farr when all is said and done Armenta and his cronies will still be there Camp $ will be a beautiful Resort with World Renowned golfing, and you will all be reaping the rewards of the added tourism Dollars, And you Mrs Farr will but left holding the Bag for being so out spoken.......But you stood up for what you believed in, however with your political Career on the line you should have not been so incompetent and researched more of how Tribal Gov't works and what in fact Federal Recognition is all about...

On County Denies Chumash Special Treatment

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