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Posted on December 13 at 11:08 a.m.

As a community college student leader, I am glad that Das got the Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee as he has had the experience of attending a community college.
Unfortunately, he has to pick up where the California economy left off. I remember a statement that was said from a California State Senator in August during the Middle Class Scholarship debate that the state should base its budget around education. Dropping from 2.9 million to 2.4 shows that budget has not been provided.
However, the state should continue to fund education without digressing from the 1960 California Master Plan for Higher Education. Up until the passage of Prop 13, community college education was free, and within the past 5 years, enrollment fees have gone up 130% from $20 to $46, while at the same time, turning students away by offering less courses or from students being unable to pay due to not receiving the Board of Governors fee waiver. The big question with students is: Why should we pay for the failures of the past generation?
Last month, the Student Senate for California Community Colleges passed a resolution at our state conference where we will oppose any form of two-tiered system, performance based funding, and extension programs that move away from the Master Plan.
In the article, it states, "Some community colleges are now charging more for advanced or elective classes." I am unaware of any college that is offering this right now as the two-tiered system was defeated at Santa Monica College in the Spring upon which, even students from Northern California drove down to oppose a enrollment fee of $180 per unit. Though the two-tier system does allow more classes and gives students the opportunity to get their classes, but only to those who are able to pay. It takes away the equality that a community college provides.
I can support class size increases or more classes offered online. Even the possibility of doing all homework online and making it mandatory for community college students to meet with their professors during office hours to promote student success.

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