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Posted on January 16 at 8:31 p.m.

This is very sad but this is just another step to the transformation of Santa Barbara, we now have only chain stores (mainly clothes stores on State st... seriously how many more clothes stores do we need ??!!!!), everything that made this town so special until now is disappearing slowly but surely. Greedy people asking higher and higher rents are a big part of the problem. Santa Barbara is representative of the whole country: being killed by greedy people.

This store could also have been way better in term of product selection and more active in promoting the hobbies (maybe by organizing classes, workshops,promoting the hobbies in schools, etc...)

The sad reality is also the fact that nowadays kids do not build anything. At best they know how to create an app on an iPhone but usually they just play video games and send text messages, and that's about it. Be prepared for a nation of zombies in the next decades.

On Dave's Hobby Central Going out of Businesses

Posted on August 4 at 7:28 p.m.

The story might be incomplete, ok, but very often with the police in the US, the action is NOT commensurate to the offence, did you read: "eight Sacramento police officers burst into the hospital room, ordered him to his knees at gunpoint, handcuffed him"... Eight (8).. at gun point... and that he was facing "criminal misdemeanor charges if he returned"... So either the article is wrong or the Police is totally Over the top.

On Protecting or Trespassing?

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