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Posted on November 20 at 12:55 p.m.

I don't understand why this article was titled the way it was. While the Gaucho's didn't have the best game, they played well and pulled it off. Of course Wofford doesn't have the Soccer pedigree that UCSB does, though it must be mentioned that their team was filled with Seniors that have been playing together for four years and the Gauchos are composed of a majority of players who are Freshman and Sophmores.
In the second half, the Gauchos controlled the game. Coaches need to have tirades during halftime if that is what is needed to motivate the team to step up and I don't see anything wrong with that. I am a big fan of Gaucho Soccer and am very proud of the team for their accomplishments this year, especially since the team is so young. Wofford played a great game and should be commended. I was very impressed with how clean both teams played and it was great to see such a high level game being played in a non-dirty fashion.

On Vom Steeg's Tirade

Posted on November 19 at 2:54 p.m.

There's no scientific evidence that barriers do not save lives. Oh how easy it is to make simple statements.

On Cold Spring Bridge Walk to Celebrate Life

Posted on November 19 at 2:05 p.m.

" I'm an Ordained Minister in the Unitarian church. All you need is a working email address."

FightWoo: You are a liar. (or you are unintentionally mistaken and, if that is the case, I apologize for calling you a liar and ask you to please make sure you have your facts right before you make false statments such as this one.)

I am a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and at one point looked into going into the ministry myself. You must receive a MDiv degree from an accredited and recognized institution in order to be an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister. In addition to the degree, you must go through an extensive process (which can take years) before you are ordained.

No one is ordained in the "Unitarian Church," they are ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The author of the article should have at least done a google search on 'Unitarian' before writing this piece. The headquarters of the UUA is in Boston, MA and not Vermont. There is no supreme leader with Pope-like authority and a large majority of UU congregations do not even call themselves 'Church,' many use the term 'fellowship,' 'covenant,' or 'society.'

I am sure that there are many cities across the country, both large and small, where the Mayorship for the past 100+ years has been held by protestants.

There is no Unitarian party. The idea of a homogeneous political agenda, viewpoint or ideology among UU's or UU congregations goes against the very core belief of UUism.

There is no such thing as a card-carrying Unitarian. It is not a political party or special interest group. There is no requirement that you hold a certain dogmatic view, donate a certain percentage of your salary or vote in a certain way in order to be a Unitarian Universalist. I do not remember the last time that I attended a UU service but I am just as much a UU as someone who attends weekly.

This article reminds me of an article that I read years ago which claimed that Unitarians have no right to protest war because they do not serve in the military. Both authors had not done their research and had their facts totally wrong (Though this article was not written with the malice that the other article was) I found that other article especially interesting as I was in the U.S. Marine Corps at the time and new the son of the UUA President at that time who was in the service as well.

So, finally, I will step down off of my soap box and stop writing. I do not understand this article and wish to express my disappointment in the misrepresentation of Unitarian Universalism by the author who i feel, based on this article, has the research skills of a second grader. For even a second grader knows how to look up basic facts on Google or in Wikipedia.

ABC 123....don't worry, you'll get it one of these days.

On Bark Not, Want Not

Posted on February 20 at 10:49 a.m.

This Article is so ludicrous that I do not know where to begin. At first I thought this was a satire as I have a hard time imagining anyone actually believing this crap.

You call President Obama "The leader of the world's Christian Nation." Hello.... Memo: Obama is the President of the United States of America and we are not, and have never been, a "Christian Nation."

You speak of a constitutional right to uphold Prop 8. First, there is no constitutional right to uphold an unconstitutional proposition such as Proposition 8. A constitution is a living document which provides rights and freedoms, not one which denies rights and freedoms.

You Sir, and your views, represent evil, bigotry and hate masked behind a cloak of faith and religion. The history of your religion is wrought with oppression, ignorance and genocide.

Anyone who believes that the bible is the word of god needs to get their head examined. Sure sure, the world is only 10K years old, sure. Would you like a lollipop? How about a straight jacket.

Christianity, over the last 1500 years, has been an agent of suffering, oppression, greed and murder. Good job buddy, keep up the "good work." Lets see if we can keep this going for another millennium.

Jesus was just a man. Nothing more, nothing less. If he were around today and could see the hateful things done in his name he would probably be sick and, if not, then he is probably an jerk.

God is dead. Get over it!

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