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Posted on April 16 at 8:31 a.m.

I happen to know Melinda....she is just a very insecure individual who dates guys whom use her as a bank account. She is craving love and trust. Now she no longer has to worry about the trust part since she married man who is spending life in prison......lmao!!! Really!!!! I guess the good thing is that she does not need to worry about him sleeping around, heck she doesn't even get to sleep with the guy.
But then again maybe this is a a better way to approach a relationship rather than meeting men on craiglist.....that was kind of scary!
Oh Boy, this girl has issues, BIG ISSUES!!!
She thinks she is going to be famous for marrying him, but I think she will just continue to be used by yet another loser of a man. She is Fricken CRAZY!!!! I actually feel a little bit sorry for

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