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Posted on March 23 at 1:37 p.m.

Mr. Lubetzky"s mere $115,000 puts him only in the average creditor amount listed within the Distenfield's Bankruptcy petition filed in court January 14, 2009. Top raking creditors are:
$900,000 Dollar Financial Corp. of Berwyn, PA
$760,000 Golden Dog, LLC of Santa Barbara, CA
$703,505 Internal Revenue Service
$340,000 Scrivener Enterprises, LLC of New York, NY
$312,601 Bank of Santa Barbara of Santa Barbara, CA
$220,000 New Millennium Corporation of San Rafael, CA
$187,000 Community West Bank of Goleta, CA
$184,953 Northern Trust, NA of Chicago, IL
$150,000 Searns & Associates of Greenwood Village, CO
$150,000 Langbert Financial, Inc. of Dallas, TX
Bryne & Nixon of Los Angeles, CA
Cappello & Noel, LLP of Santa Barbara, CA
And too many more to list with a total of $5,190,499.17
The Distenfields don't want people to know about themselves.
Anyone considering doing business with the Distenfields should be very careful.
The Distenfields should be ashamed of themselves but they cannot feel such.

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