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Posted on November 26 at 11:24 a.m.


You're the one that should be embarrassed for your conduct. It was at your direction that people should post their comments here, online, instead of sending letters to the editor. And when we do, we're attacked, by you, for following your suggestion. It's amazing to me how two-faced you are. But knowing you're in PR professionally, it's of no real surprise that you're playing the two ends against each other, quietly supporting both.

It's a poorly written story. Period. My English teacher would have given me an 'F'. Yet the Independent had no reservations about printing it. Professional standards seem to be a bit lax at the Independent.

Sincerely and non-anonymously,

Robert Wilson

On Doll-ing for Dollars

Posted on November 21 at 7:17 p.m.

Let me say, I am no prude. But when I first read Ms. Brown's article I was certain that the editor must have cut and pasted two articles together by mistake. I finally realized that wasn't the case. Please tell me Ms. Brown, what does an anatomically correct sex doll have to do with a fundraising event for a charity dedicated to ":help young girls develop into empowered women."? The answer is, nothing! Were you trying to amuse your readers or merely titillate them? You failed horribly at both.

My next question is, what brainless editor actually let you publish this? Are you standards truly this low? Do you really need to add such pointless filler to your poorly written articles?

Ms. Brown's bio says, "Brown:attended USC School of Journalism:" I hope USC wasn't foolish enough to give her a degree. Well, is does say 'attended', not 'graduated from'. I guess USC's standards aren't as low as the Independent's.

On Doll-ing for Dollars

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