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Posted on April 11 at 2:54 p.m.

We disagree that the petition shows 'clear-cut science', and as a viticulturist in the Sta Rita Hills for 20 years, I wonder how Pence, a developer by trade, understands what 'clear cut' viticultural science looks like.

These pioneering winemakers/brands all oppose the petition:

Richard Sanford
Rick Longoria
Peter Cargasacchi
Bryan Babcock

The most fundamental definition within the perfected, legal and accepted AVA petition defines the SRH AVA as being a 'few miles west of the Buellton Flats.'

As the proposed boundary extends the SRH into the Buellton Flats, we believe we have very strong grounds for opposition.

We wish Blair all the best in creating quality wines, but we believe he should carve his own destiny instead of party-crashing an established 'brand' that has worked 20 years to define itself, and originally, and purposefully omitted the area in which the Pence vineyard is planted.

Respectfully, the original petitioner of the SRH AVA,

Wes Hagen

Questions? Want to get involved in preserving the legal and historic borders? Email me!

And thanks Gabe for the article.

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