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Posted on May 25 at 3:39 a.m.


Destroying cats is NOT a fear of cats nor even hating cats.

Why do mentally-unbalanced and psychotic cat-advocates always presume that if someone is removing a highly destructive, deadly disease spreading, human-engineered invasive-species from the native habitat to restore it back into natural balance that they must hate that organism? Does someone who destroys Zebra Mussels, Kudzu, African Cichlids, Burmese Pythons, Brown Tree Snakes, or any of the other myriad destructive invasive-species have some personal problem with that species? (Many of which are escaped PETS that don't even spread any harmful diseases, unlike cats.) Your ignorance and blatant biases are revealed in your declaring that people who destroy cats must somehow hate or fear cats. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is people who let a destructive invasive-species roam free that tortures-to-death all other wildlife that have zero respect for life. They don't even care about their cats dying a slow torturous death from exposure, animal attacks, diseases, starvation, dehydration, becoming road-kill, environmental poisons. etc., the way that ALL stray cats suffer to death. They don't even respect their fellow human being. This speaks more than volumes about their disgusting character. They should be locked up in prison for life for their cruelty to all animals, their own cats as well as all the native wildlife that they let their cats skin alive or disembowel alive. If they let cats roam free they are violating every animal-abandonment, animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, and invasive-species law in existence.

If people DO hate cats today, have LEARNED to hate cats today, you have nobody but those who let cats roam free to blame. THEY are the reason people are now realizing that all excess cats must be destroyed on-site and on-sight. They've done so much to make people care about cats, haven't they.


You can take that all the way to the very last shot-dead cat's grave.

On Feral Cats

Posted on May 22 at 4 p.m.

FACT: Trap & Kill failed because cats cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control.

FACT: Trap & Sterilize (TNR) is an even bigger abject failure because they cannot be trapped faster than they exponentially breed out of control, and they also continue the cruelly annihilate all native wildlife (from the smallest of prey up to the top predators that are starved to death), and the cats continue to spread many deadly diseases that they carry today -- FOR WHICH THERE ARE NO VACCINES AGAINST THEM. Many of which are even listed as bioterrorism agents. (Such as Tularemia and The Plague -- Yes, people have already died from cat-transmitted plague in the USA. No fleas nor rats even required. The cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own.)

FACT: Hunted To Extinction (or in this case, extirpation of all outdoor cats) is the ONLY method that is faster than a species like cats can exponentially out-breed and out-adapt to. Especially a man-made invasive-species like these cats that can breed 2-3X's faster than any naturally occurring cat-species.

FACT: Alley Cat ALL-LIES have only managed to trap 0.024% to 0.08% of all feral cats in their own city, thereby allowing more than 99.92% to 99.976% to continually and exponentially breed out of control. Alley Cat ALL-LIES can't even reduce the number of feral cats in their own city, yet they promote it as a worldwide solution, then even bigger fools fall for it and promote it.

FACT: When researching all the most "successful" TNR programs around the globe, JUST ONE OF THEM has managed to trap more than 0.4% of cats in their area. Oregon's amazing 50,000 TNR'ed cats (the highest rate I found) is only 4.9% of all feral-cats in their state. Yet, by applying advanced population growth calculus on the unsterilized 95.1% of cats they will have trapped only 0.35% of all feral-cats in their state sometime this year. <0.4% is a far cry from the required 80-90% to be effective.

FACT: Their "vacuum effect" is a 100% LIE. A study done by the Texas A&M University proved that any perceived "vacuum" is just the simple case that CATS ATTRACT CATS. Get rid of them all and there's no cats there to attract more. I proved this myself by shooting and burying hundreds of them on my own land. ZERO cats replaced them for over 2 YEARS NOW. If you want more cats, keep even one around, more will find you. That study also found that sterilized cats poorly defend territory. Non-sterilized cats, being more aggressive, take over the sterilized cats' resources (shelter & food if any). If there is any kind of "vacuum effect" at all, it is that sterilized cats cause non-sterilized cats to restore their reproductive void.

FACT: During all this investigation I have discovered something that is unfaltering without fail. Something that you can bet your very life on and win every last time. That being -- IF A CAT-LOVER-HOARDER IS TALKING THEN THEY ARE LYING. 100% guaranteed!

On Feral Cats

Posted on April 6 at 5:17 p.m.

Be cautious about using any cats taken from outdoors for adoption or you could be held criminally responsible. There's no way to know a wild-harvested cats' vaccination history, if any, nor their exposure to all the deadly diseases cats carry. If a cat has contracted rabies then a vaccination later will do no good. It's already too late. There's no reliable known test for rabies while keeping the animal alive. They need to be destroyed after they are trapped. It's the only sane and sensible solution. This is why all wild-harvested animals of any type intended for the pet-industry must undergo an extended quarantine up to 6 months before transfer or sale of those animals to prevent just these things. Cats are no different than any other animal when wild-harvested. You're risking this following story happening in every shelter across the land.

Adopting any cat that's been taken from outdoors is just playing Russian Roulette.

Stray-cats, the very source of all feral-cats, need to be euthanized too or you'll never be rid of the feral-cat problem.

These are just the diseases they've been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Plague, Rabies, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasma. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, and Tularemia can now also be added to that list.

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

Posted on April 6 at 5:15 p.m.

Cats are without a doubt the WORST possible rodent control method. Not only do they destroy livestock and put Toxoplasma gondii right back into the food-chain for humans, but any rodents infected with T. gondii are actually attracted to cat-urine.

Using cats for rodent-control only attracts MORE rodents to your area. Along with all their diseases. Like tularemia and the plague today.

Cat-Transmitted PLAGUE:

Tularemia (rabbit-fever, transmissible to humans):

Flea-borne Typhus:

If you want rodent control employ any of the NATIVE PREDATORS that are far better at this than the highly destructive INVASIVE-SPECIES cats will ever be. And native predators will be more specific on the types of animals they prey on. Cats destroy ANYTHING THAT MOVES including all your beneficial and wanted wildlife. Owls don't do this. Snakes don't do this. And above all one of the most very beneficial animals of all is the Grey Fox, a species that's actually native to North America. This particular species doesn't even like farmer's poultry because it didn't evolve with them, like the Red Fox did (introduced from Europe). This fox species will even climb trees to also help keep squirrel populations in check.

It's about time that you all learned to educate yourselves on how to live responsibly on this planet.

Putting MAN-MADE SELECTIVELY-BRED CATS, a highly destructive deadly-disease-spreading INVASIVE-SPECIES, out in any non-native habitat is anything but acting responsibly.

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

Posted on April 6 at 5:12 p.m.

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If you advocate for cats as rodent-control on farms and ranches you've already doomed them to being destroyed by drowning or shooting when it becomes a financial liability more than any asset. Ranchers and farmers worldwide are fully aware that cats' Toxoplasma gondii parasite can cause the very same birth defects (hydrocephaly and microcephaly), still-births, and miscarriages in their livestock and important wildlife as it can in pregnant women. Consequently, this is also how this cats' brain-parasite gets into your meats and onto your dinner-tables, from herbivores ingesting this cat-parasites' oocysts in the soils, transferred to the plants and grains that they eat. Not even washing your hands in bleach will destroy this parasites' oocysts if you have contracted it from your garden or yard that a cat has defecated in.

This is why any cats are ROUTINELY destroyed around gestating livestock and wildlife-management areas in the most efficient, humane, and least-expensive method available. Common rural practice everywhere. The risk of financial loss from dead livestock and important native wildlife from an invasive-species cat is far too great to do otherwise. This cats' parasite is now even killing off rare marine-mammals along all coastal regions from run-off containing this cat-parasites' oocysts.

The next time you bite into that whole-grain veggie-muffin or McBurger, you need to just envision biting down on a shot-dead or drowned kitten or cat. For that's precisely how that food supply got to your mouth -- whether you want to face up to it or not. It's not going to change reality no matter how much you twist your mind away from the truth of your world.

If you want to blame someone for the drowning and shooting of cats, you need to prosecute yourself -- every time you eat.

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

Posted on April 6 at 5:08 p.m.

Do you honestly think that feral-cats stay where they are dumped? Even if they return to their roost in the morning they roam far and wide.

Thanks to criminally-irresponsible people like you I've had to shoot HUNDREDS of cats on my land. From idiots like you dumping YOUR problem onto others and trying to make them think it's a "good thing". Groups like you dump them on neighboring farms and then your lousy cats go in search of native animals they can shred apart for play-toys, day or night. YOUR cats annihilated ALL the wildlife on my land. From smallest of prey, gutted and skinned alive by cats, to the largest of predators in the area that STARVED TO DEATH from YOUR cats destroying all of their ONLY food sources.


Don't go making your lousy, disease-infested, INVASIVE-SPECIES cats everyone else's problem! You're no better than those cretins that just trap cats where they live and then go dump them off in the country. That's PRECISELY how criminally-irresponsible that you are.

If you want to ensure all your feral-cats are shot dead on-sight ... promote them as barn-cats. They'll eventually be shot dead or drowned, one way or another.

Because if you do dump your lousy cats on farms in my area ... they get shot. I'll guarantee you that!

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

Posted on October 25 at 11:18 p.m.

Their Santa Barbara County Public Health Department actually suggested and is sponsoring this feral-cat nightmare.

They all need to be fired, posthaste.

These are just the diseases they spread to humans, not counting the ones they spread to wildlife. Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Plague, Rabies, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasma. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Flea-borne Typhus and Tularemia can now also be added to that list.

The plague:

Tularemia (rabbit-fever, transmissible to humans):

Flea-borne Typhus:

Hookworm -- that shut down businesses in Miami:

The most insidious being their Toxoplasma gondii parasite spread through their feces into all other animals and livestock. This is how it gets into meats and humans get it from undercooked meats, from cats roaming around stockyards and farms. Precisely where this health-department(?) wants these cats. This parasite not only changes the mind of the animal it invades (including the minds of humans, it being the cause of the crazy-cat-lady-cat-hoarders and TNR-advocates),

but can even kill you any time during your life once you've been infected. It becomes a permanent lifetime parasite in your mind, ready to strike at any time that your immune system becomes compromised. It's now being linked to the cause of autism, schizophrenia, and brain cancers.

Rabies is just one of the minor concerns. Having your cat vaccinated against rabies doesn't prevent it from bringing in a mouthful or claws full of fresh rabies virus every day to you or other animals after it shredded that rabid bat.

The time has come to destroy them all whenever spotted away from quarantined confinement. There's no other solution. We have nobody but cat lovers to thank for this disaster.

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

Posted on October 25 at 11:06 p.m.

It was because of local farmers that released their feral cats onto my land that their cats destroyed all the native wildlife. If you want rodent-control use NATIVE predators that are far better at this than any invasive-species cat will ever be. Native predators being animals actually belong here. Cats are an invasive-species and need to be destroyed in accordance with all invasive-species laws in existence. Encourage owls, hawks, grey-foxes, snakes, etc. to live by you. These are also more specific in the types of prey animals they will eat. Cats destroy EVERYTHING. They are the WORST possible answer for rodent control, unless you want to destroy all other life on your land. This doesn't even begin to touch on how they infect your livestock with Toxoplasma gondii parasites, and then you get the parasite in your brain from eating your own livestock. This is how people get this parasite from eating undercooked meats.

I had been battling a feral-cat problem on my land for 15 years, until on advice of the sheriff to just shoot them all was the problem solved. Then I went online to help others rid their lands of cats. I found some surprising findings that would explain what I had experienced.

Now that all the feral-cats are gone I no longer have a mouse problem in the house. They started to show up when the feral-cats were starting to become a problem. Until feral-cats were everywhere I had never had a mouse in the house before that. Then I found out why.

Any rodents infected with the cats' parasite Toxoplasma gondii lose their fear of cats and are actually attracted to cat urine. This cat-parasites' strange life cycle is meant to infect rodents to speed up the cycle between its asexual and sexual reproduction phase in its primary host-animal, cats.
So even the often proclaimed use for cats to control rodents is now false. Cats actually attract rodents to your home, with their whole slew of flea-borne and other diseases. (A little scary when you consider that cats have now been found to be spreading the plague in the USA too. Attracting the very animals' fleas that harbor this disease.)

Lesson learned: If you want rodents in your home keep cats outside.

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

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