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Posted on December 11 at 6:47 a.m.

True... everyone should experiment with creating at least some of their own food. Another option if you can't make it to a farmers market is to join a CSA or coop and have locally produced healthy foods delivered directly to you. Support your local farmers.

On Spread Your Seed

Posted on December 5 at 12:45 p.m.

"Rents are going up at a much faster rate than people’s wages and renters are getting less for their money. It’s getting out of control and there needs to be a fair solution."

The fair solution is to buy. You have the same right as your landlord to purchase real estate. The solution is to stop renting, and buy something for yourself. In most areas of the country it is definitely a buyers market. Your landlord would be making a poor business decision to not charge as much as he/she can get for their investment. It's nothing personal.

"Renters should have democratic control over the destiny of their community."

There is no logically explanation why this should happen. You do have some limited control in that being a citizen you are able to vote. This being said, you may live in the community, but until you own a piece of it, it is not "your community." You have no investment in it other than to pay for a service provided to you by someone that actually does. Your taxes do not support the maintenance of the buildings you and other tenants live in. That's an additional service provided by the owners to the community, on top of renting you a place to stay. It is a business, and you have no rights (or shouldn't have) beyond the lease agreement. Also don't forget that the owners of the buildings you and other renters live in (you are not the owners) are the ones paying actual property tax to their community in which you live. And... like you said, some don't even live there. Sounds pretty generous to me.

On Co-op Housing, Anyone?

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