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Posted on June 24 at 5:16 p.m.

Mr. Rosen's picture is in reality quite diluted. The truth is much, much worse, here in Santa Barbara and nationally.

I assisted a Probate case in the local court before the now (thankfully) deceased Judge McLafferty. The conservatee’s file was an absolute abomination of systemic corruption between the judge, lawyers, the useless appointed lawyers, the professional conservators, the medical professionals, ad nausea.

The blatant collusion was so obvious throughout the documented record that I brought proceedings to an abrupt halt.

Reviewing files of one of the conservators involved, in every case, the vulnerable elder was routinely rubber stamped "demented", warehoused in a facility in Ojai and dead within 12-13 months. Only one subject survived nearly 18 months being separated from loved ones. Restraining orders, supported by rumor and fabrication against friends and family members are the routine tactic.

Elders housed in so-called, "care" environments earn such facilities in excess of $197 BILLION dollars a year alone(2007 stats). The numbers of abuse/financial abuse violations discovered by (occasional token) state and federal audits in such facilities is staggering.

In the case I entered, the 76 year-old elder was deemed 'demented' by a licensed psychologist after undergoing a typical MMSE... while this person was confined with a broken neck, several other injuries, greiving the death of a spouse and bolted into a halo device. This test was unconscionably and unethically administered under these conditions including being under the effect of pain medication, clearly admitted in the psychologists report.

The rest of the 'act' to gain control over this persons financial resources utilized the lie and slander tactic against family, not one shred of which has ever been proved during the courts process.
The abuse claims recently PR'd by the professionals about family members or associates of the elderly robbing assets doesn't even rate a pencil point compared to the organized, quasi-legal pillage scored by the Probate system disguised as fees and expenses.

Most definitely Mr. Rosen, who is "Overseeing the Overseers"?
Certainly not the legal system, the temptation is too profitable, and certainly not the media which conveniently avoids hard investigation and turns a blind eye to such abuse.

Meanwhile, this legalized version of elder robbery cost the above described person well over one million dollars so far. The numbers overall are incalculable, easily exceeding trillions of dollars yearly, worldwide, according to the many contacts I've made.

"Bobby" hitting up his elderly wife for sixty grand to buy a "circus" pales by comparison. (Actual Ventura County case file) The pros got her under conservatorship and divvied up the remaining estate.

Who cares? You will when they come to plunder your hard earned inheritance, should you even make the golden years holding on to any substantial assets.

On Overseeing the Overseers

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