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Posted on October 29 at 8:06 p.m.

I share your concern about the Parent-Child Workshops (PCW) - for an educational institution to downgrade these model amazing programs to save a relatively small amount of money without engaging the educators from the start is awful. Marty Blum was a student/parent of the PCWs, a teacher in classroom settings for many years, and our city mayor. Marty is passionate about open dialogue, knows how to deal with bureaucracies, listen to people and set budget priorities. I am thrilled she wants to participate as a board member for SBCC and think we are lucky to have her. I am voting for her and the other three new people.

On Elect Blum, Restore SBCC Parent-Child Workshops

Posted on October 28 at 3:58 p.m.

Hello Sam - You seem to be a wonderful example of your mother's caring and upbringing. Your comments show a sweet mutuality and respect between you.

You show a little lack of understanding as to the process of electing candidates when you say your mom was thrilled when "Joyce Powell passed the torch to her." This is an elected position, and there is concern among all when there is a perception of the position being passed from one member to another. That's about to come up after the election as one member is expect to leave the board and the replacement is already in line to take that place by appointment, which goes against the intent of the emergency replacement process.

The current problem is that the board is taking what the new president says pretty much as though it is gospel, not asking or probing important issues, not responding to community concerns. It's sweet to know that you see the caring your mother has for individual students and for so many boards she is on as she serves your community. She is fortunate to have such a strong supporter in her son, and to see that you know she cares. She is lucky to have you!

On Santa Barbara Community College Board of Trustees

Posted on October 28 at 2:20 p.m.

Re the "alscook" comment above "Mr. Harris was not in Santa Barbara until June 2010." Ken Harris is the newest SBCC Director at Adult Ed. He wrote a response in the NP on 10/27 referring to an instructor who said her Fall 2009 class got canceled "for not being approved by the state and not eligible for funding." He stated in the article "That is not the reason for the cancellation." I wonder, does he not get that's what SHE WAS TOLD by Adult Ed. Was the reason they gave her not true, or is his subsequent statement not true?

Mr. Harris says, as has evidently been told to him by someone at Adult Ed since he wasn't here then, "as a result of additional reductions in state funding announced in September 2009 [AE] reduced the number of class sections." But in reality by late Summer of that year, while Mr. Harris was not in Santa Barbara, 100 classes printed in the AE Fall 2009 Schedule were already canceled. What a mess for staff, instructors, and students. Several instructors I know were not even informed by Adult Ed that their classes were cut, after they'd been told they were scheduled. Some discovered it when their returning students told them they couldn't find where their class was listed.

I'm not sure what (or who??) inspired Director Harris to write so definitively, and unfortunately inaccurately, about a time when he wasn't here?

On SBCC Incumbent Vindication?

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