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Posted on December 1 at 11:55 a.m.

@DogOnLap - I agree - the dining commons at UCSB are doing an awesome job! However, not every student at UCSB has a meal plan, and those that do are mostly underclassmen. In addition, a lot of students are unwilling to pay what comes out to $12.00 a meal at the dining commons. We know that there are many upperclassmen and faculty members who are looking for an on-campus alternative to Subway, Panda Express, and Wendy's, and other fast food, and at a lower price than at the dining commons.

@Carmen - We love the IV Food Co-op, and Melissa Cohen has been a great guide and mentor to us so far. In the near future the Student Food Collective will be partnering with and sourcing much of our food through them. However, it's often impractical for students or faculty to leave campus (short though the trip may be) for a quick lunch at the IV Food Co-op, so a student-run food cart will be there for grab-and-go organic eats between classes. Furthermore, the Student Food Collective's food cart also aims to be a center for education and outreach around sustainable food, a place to develop student leadership in activism and business, as well as empower students to take on a more active role in the food served on their campus.


Andrew Chang
Program Director
UCSB Student Food Collective

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