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Posted on June 26 at 10:18 p.m.

@EastBeach, In old testament there were the live story of the good vs evil of human kinds that's to be used for teaching what to follow and what to despise, but in the Bible Jesus never commanded for all Christian to kill Muslims, Buddha, Hindu, etc, as Muhammad commanded to kill Christians and Jews as the people of the book "41 times in the Quran" by promising 72 virgins in paradise. Not even one Muslim or Imam could argue this! Because It's in the Quran!

The fact is Islamic terrorism occurs every 5 minutes around the globe in the name of Islam. And if Bible is more violent than Quran?? How come we don't see Christians blowing up others in every 5 minutes all over the world, and screaming Alleluya, in the name of Jesus?? agree!

On Islam’s True Face

Posted on June 25 at 10:49 p.m.

Dear Osaama

Islam was never been hijacked by radicals, as they are the 21st century brave warriors/jihadist/terrorists or as true hardcore loyal good devout Muslims who followed what Muhammad commanded in his true teaching of Islam. Islam was NEVER been peaceful and tolerant as you and many others claimed to be, as Muhammad commanded to all good devout muslims for jihad.

For the record Muhammad decapitated 900 Jews in his time, how could anybody claimed Islam is peaceful?

Please read Muhammad bio's and your Qur'an, you might understood someday!

On Islam’s True Face

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