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Posted on January 19 at 5:08 a.m.

Dear Kodi and Ethan,
Thanks for taking us along. Put a word in for the long-neglected trains of this country. Love 'em. Always have. As a child, I wanted more than all else to be a train engineer or a conductor. Anything to ride the rails! I settled instead for 11 years in the air with TWA. Close in spirit, but no match for the rhythm and romance of rail travel. Rebuilding that era would assure Mr. Obama an even longer lasting legacy than the one he embarks on tomorrow. It's a vision, like Kennedy's Apollo project. See how much glorious empty space you're crossing? Wish we could occupy smaller communities so kids could grow up with more freedom, more hope, more space, instead of staying trapped in inner cities. Having room to grow expands horizons. I hope THAT hope is alive and aboard the Obama Express.

Big Sur and the Peninsula send love and wonderment to a favorite son. We'll never forget your work to stop the fire and keep Big Sur Valley green and intact--not to mention your photographic record of it. (Still hoping for only light, intermittent rains and no torrents!)

We'll keep an eye on your latest and best trailblazing to date. Cherish every moment of this historic adventure. It's one for your grandchildren. Thanks for the train ride. We're with you in spirit.

Blessings from your old teacher and friend,

On A Lens' Look at the Midway Point

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