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Posted on October 30 at 11:34 p.m.

I'm french too and I I agree with Loomax on two points :
- Yes we often spend a lot of times for lunch.

- Yes we spend more than 35 hours in our job for the most of us.

- No, i'm not sure that people in the administration are working lesser than people in private business.
I'm a computer ingeneer in a little private company and i'm working very often for different private business and administration. People spend more time at job in little structure (administration or private business) than in a big structure. A typical example is in bank and insurance company (very big structure of private business), people works really lesser than other people in the smaller structure ...

dont1one : Why N.Sarkozy has been elected ? If the other candidate (Segolne Royal) had been elected, she should also sacrifice many of our social advantages (pension for example) because we don't have money to maintain our way of life ! And it is not because N.Sarkozy has been elected that we are all like him ! This is not because G.Bush has been elected in the US that you are all like him ;-)

Just a little conclusion about the french way of life : USA are very (positively) influent on our way of life : music, movies, computer technology...and so on. The food is just a particularity in the french culture, this article reflects just very well this particularity.

The rest is politics ;-)

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