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Posted on September 20 at 12:51 p.m.

I worked with Cay when Art From Scrap was part of the Community Environmental Council. I recall when CEC had a new Executive Director and they let go of so many important, dedicated people, without knowing anything about our community. It was a tragedy that I will never forget. All of those that were let go by CEC went on to brighter things. Of course, with Cay getting let go, I can confidently say that she will continue to be successful as the others have.
I am very concerned for is Cay and all of the other employees of Explore Ecology. With all of these changes, are they included in the conversation? Non-profits are always changing and Cay excelled at leading Art From Scrap through that change in varying capacities. It is so awful to see that there isn't any mention here of conflict resolution, mediation, or utilizing any resources to resolve conflict and support Cay and Explore Ecology employees through change.
I have noticed that, at times, people with more experience are not valued because they question the status of things. That isn't fair. I hope Cay was valued for her years of support and unending dedication to AFS/Explore Ecology.
The kind of message that this type of letting go of employees sends is not a positive one. It doesn't send a message of caring, connection and community. These are qualities I watched and learned from Cay at Art From Scrap as a young person.
This is devastating news. I have not supported CEC with donations since the ED let go of employees in an unjust manner. I know feel the same about Explore Ecology and Art From Scrap. I am very disappointed in the board and I am quite concerned for the employees.
Cay, as many people have said, you made the bones of this organization.

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