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Posted on January 28 at 11:16 p.m.

Today was planned to be day three of the new management turnover at the santa barbara melting pot, but after a long battle between the new owners and landlords of the property it left 30+ employees without jobs. The new owners had just recently moved down from new jersey to lift the spirits of the staff members and bring business back to the restaurant, with high hopes everything was headed in the right direction. All the staff was excited to see the new management in action and ready for the change, being promised their jobs were not in danger. To celebrate the new change and excite the community about fondue again a large VIP event was scheduled for this friday. After long disputes between the management and landlords the staff was notified this morning to not to return to work for there will no longer be a melting pot!!!!!! Not only is this a really rough time for the economy, most of the staff that was employed at the restaurant are hard working college students. Being at the end of the month and no job in hand, staff is looking for support in the community. If you know of any business that is short staffed and is in need of hard working, intelligent, and all around rockstar employees, please post it onto this wall so they may be able to contact you!

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