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Posted on January 23 at 2:12 a.m.

To consider also is that if there is a switch to district elections, each district will get to vote for only one candidate every four years. It really won't matter much when that is: since the voters will have so little say, there will be considerably less interest in city government and therefore in voting. (And with less citizen interest in government, in watchdogging, the potential is great for buddy politics and corruption.)

Those districts whose single choice occurs during presidential election years, assuming even year elections, probably will get a good turnout. The others, assuming staggering elections so that the entire council is not elected at once, not so much. Fair? This really is not about fairness.

On Soy Charlie; Je Suis ‘Illegal’

Posted on January 18 at 11:53 a.m.

Agree with Benjamin! Not to have the block numbers is a serious loss!

On Santa Barbara Gets New Street Signs

Posted on January 18 at 11:47 a.m.

14NoScams: unfortunately, Milpas is a main city "corridor", not simply the local commercial district you mention. It's zoned in the recently completed General Plan Update as high density. Most of us know what city traffic corridors are like: relatively fast-moving, with no reason to stop and shop, let alone walk. Or, as we've seen from accidents on that street, to walk safely.

Milpas once was a small town, local area street, but with the freeway expansion and more and more visitors piling into SB, a city traffic corridor from the beach creates a different world, especially as State Street gets clogged.

Seems to me, living in the general Milpas area, that it is to the businesses' benefits to have an Improvement District where they look after themselves in terms of graffitti, street/sidewalk littering, and, importantly, community pride events, such as parades, etc. Doing things the City can not or will not do for all of its areas.

I like what's been happening in the neighborhood, the neighborhoods — there are several along the stretch of Milpas — over the last several years. (And I remember it from not that long ago with the often present. trash, gang graffitti, not to mention knifings.)

It's a mystery: why there is the opposition to this EBID? Seems to me that the MCA says it well in their open letter to Cathy: What is the problem with looking after one's neighborhood, contributing to community festivals, except, of course, it'll cost a dollar or so/day, costs likely to be recovered in increased sales from those of us in the neighborhoods, encouraged to visit?

As for Sharon Byrne, she's the Exec. Director of the MCA, representing that organization. Why does it matter where she lives? Both Murillo and Byrne are westside residents, but this is one city, so far without limiting districts. Sort of fun to make personal attacks, but to learn more visit the MCA website where the EBID is described, This opposition even before the EBID has been rolled out to all the businesses, smells; something is rotten here....

On Eastside Business District Gets Rocky Reception

Posted on January 17 at 2:02 p.m.

What's the difference between the State Street BIDs that councilmember Murillo supported last week and the Eastside BID that she has been working against?

On Eastside Business District Gets Rocky Reception

Posted on January 13 at 8:51 a.m.

Both of these athletes were recruited from out of area, White from Florida, Mohammed from LA.

These are supposed to be community colleges, giving helping hand education to local young people. Allen Hancock, just like SBCC, recruits athletes. This is so unfair to locals!

On Allan Hancock Athletes Arrested for Murder

Posted on January 9 at midnight

AutoCoalition: Please be more specific: What does "a person who looked a lot like a news reporter" look like? The range here from Lara Cooper to Scott Steepleton, passing by Nick Welsh and Matt Kettman, is broad.

On <em>News-Press</em> Vandalized for 'Illegals' Headline

Posted on January 8 at 9:54 a.m.

VERY nice to see that the press media, the hard copy press media, the SB News-Press, still means so much. Even a demonstration planned! - as they say, any publicity is good publicity, something with which Sony would agree.

On this, I stand with DonJosedelaGuerra, in favor of press freedom, opposed to censorship, including censorship by the mob.

On Protest Planned over <em>News-Press</em> Headline

Posted on December 31 at 8:49 a.m.

Capps's mistake was in trusting her staff to do the work that they were hired for. Now that the court case is over, I hope that she will have a thorough house-cleaning. These are plummy jobs, paid by the taxpayers; we deserve the best.

Simply saying that they were just following House rules on not checking applicants is not sufficient. We expect more than the minimum of "just following the rules." Agreed, Capps is ultimately responsible for her staff; the error was theirs, so.... But anyone who thinks Mitchum was a better choice to represent this district is, well, just not thinking.

On Dies Family Awarded $2.5 Million Settlement

Posted on December 30 at 8:43 a.m.

How can any rational, caring person be opposed to, "laying chickens, veal calves, and pregnant sows in California cages and pens (having) enough space to stretch their wings and legs and be able to lie down"? It's taken much too long to take effect.

On Humanely Produced Eggs for the New Year

Posted on December 26 at 12:20 a.m.

Thanks for the excellent and informative article. I don,t see the connection that J_A makes with the work on homelessness and the proposed business improvement district. Jealous much of the good work that is being done by the MCA?

As for the Bus. Imp. Dist, if the businesses want Christmas lights, parades, organized clean-ups, and more and more area good things that bring in customers, out of area as well as Milpas area residents, shouldn't they contribute to it? Do those opposed to it think everything should be volunteered (and are they volunteering, is Mr Adams volunteering?)

But back to the article: it does show the importance and value of working WITH, not just working for. Also very nice to see the picture of Barry and Kay. Hadn't seen them around for awhile and was concerned, worried, too, about the aftereffects of what they had to go through last fall.

On In from the Cold

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