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Posted on November 24 at 4:28 p.m.

I think it is an excellent idea for the two week assessments of ALL students. I went back to CC in 1972 when my youngest went to first grade.I wanted to see first hand how the students in CC were doing academically. (That was my excuse, but I really was bored and enjoyed studying, and all my college classes from the 50's really did need updating, and there were some interesting courses offered which were not available in "my day". Long and short, I was asked to tutor for the American History class, and I did this for six years.

This was before the explosion of Latino students occurred in high education, and I was surprised at the lack of reading, writing, and spelling skills. Many had no idea how to pick out the main themes of what they read. Very few could write a decent mini essay.

There are average, and above average students in all nationalities and each must assessed for their greatest potential regularly.

I prefer a dual immersion type program. There is a good one working in San Diego County, which is very successful.

On Narrowing the Latino Achievement Gap

Posted on November 21 at 10:31 p.m.

I am not sure how the pet psychic handles this problem, but we told our Tom and his honey, who is just getting ready to roost, to hide underneath our ostrich if anyone comes by giving them the turkey dinner eye. Toby, the ostrich, seems to understand his role as protector of the little compound. and the roosters on the compound also make enough noise to alert the neighbors that a predator may be around.

This is Tom and Tilly's first thanksgiving also, and given assurances, they are not stressing. Maybe looking forward to some chicks to celebrate heir first Thanksgiving. All our animals seem to choose holidays or birthdays to present their offspring. So intuitive they are.

Tell Tombo to chill out.

On De-Stressing Pets During the Holidays

Posted on November 21 at 3:42 p.m.

For Binky:4. Let a pet boost your health
New research shows that owning an animal is an even more powerful way to cultivate calm than previously thought. An astonishing 82% of PTSD patients paired with a service dog reported a significant reduction in symptoms, and 40% were able to decrease theirmedications, in an ongoing study at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The specially trained pooches can sense before their owners do when a panic attack is coming, and then give them a nudge to start some preemptive deep breathing. "While we don’t yet understand why, we know the dogs’ presence affects serotonin levels and the immune system," says lead study researcher Craig Love, PhD. "The animals are so helpful, one soldier named her dog Paxil."

For the rest of us: Bond with Fido

Pet owners can reduce stress by building extra playtime into the day, says Carll. If you don’t own a pet, offer to take a neighbor’s dog for an after-dinner walk or cat-sit for a friend—even short outings provide enough "pet exposure" to lessen anxiety.

On De-Stressing Pets During the Holidays

Posted on November 21 at 2:48 p.m.

It is true that dogs are soothed by music, and even our cat loves to sit on the piano while we play. One of our pups even likes to watch the action on the TV. We left them last week for almost six hours, for the first time. We have two adult dogs and two 7 month pups. So they did have their own company. But they were confused to see us leaving together without them. And so happy to see us return.

Funny, but now they restrict their own outings to shorter times to come home to check on us. We are fortunate to live on a mile of almost secluded beach and a lagoon in another country, and they have much freedom to romp and rollick within our little village.

We always talk to our animals in normal tones. Our dogs get a funny expression when they hear some owners talk baby talk or use a falsetto tone to their animals. Even our horses, ponies, donkeys , pot bellies ad fowl respond to our conversations with them.

On De-Stressing Pets During the Holidays

Posted on October 21 at 1:39 p.m.

Living out of the country, I have been able to stay in touch via internet, so I love and Starshine's columns. I am sure the radio picks are great also, but I do not have ccess to them.

On Best of 2010: Media

Posted on October 16 at 8:52 p.m.

For those who meandered into the off topic subject about fish feeling pain, I suggest going to Google and typing Do fish feel pain. There one can find many studies and opinion on this subject. Feeling pain and having human emotions are two different things.

On Cannibalism of a Lion Cub

Posted on October 1 at 4:46 p.m.

to sa1: the edhat nanny does not delete your speil, she just puts it on another page with the other nasties. Here at Indy, it just disappears. Sometimes I see some remarks in reference to a comment that is no longer in print. That does get confusing.Oh, well1

On Who's your favorite commenter?

Posted on October 1 at 11:39 a.m.

What a way to start a morning!! Congratulations. It is also an honor for Dos Pueblos. It is encouraging to know that there are still people who are able to instill our youth with the desire to learn and motivate them to great achievement.

On A Genius Among Us

Posted on September 15 at 12:18 p.m.

Those who are forming this new association seem to have positive goals, as seen in paragraph two. Acting as a group, they may be able to come up with some solutions to making Milpas a safer and cleaner area again. The problems are there already, but working together in a positive way may help to resolve some of the problems.

On A New Milpas Street Business Association Is Forming

Posted on September 11 at 12:57 p.m.

Ruth has passed away in a Lompoc hospital. See edhat for information.

On Doors Keep Shutting For Ruth Miles

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