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Posted on December 1 at 9:10 a.m.

Thanks for recognizing our efforts to close these plants. Two corrections. A state report suggests closing the plants would cost the average household about $2 a month, not $1. Also, Japan did experience blackouts for a short time, but not for years as initially predicted.

The fiscal analysis noted in this article is a nuclear industry dream come true. It is also false. The analysis suggests that, if the nuclear power plants are closed by an initiative it will cause rolling blackouts. However, the same analysis suggests that if the power plants are closed because of a nuclear accident, it will not cause rolling blackouts. The nuclear industry itself would never think it could get away with such nonsense. To have the state's Legislative Analyst's Office sign such a statement... the analysis should have been gift wrapped and place under the nuclear industry's Christmas tree. The LAO has no documentation from any state agency that blackouts will occur, but basis this solely on a conversation with someone from the Independent System Operators- someone who refuses to state this on the record and refuses to be named. Luckily, the average voter in California is educated enough to see through such a smoke screen. It simply and graphically demonstrates that the energy industry and our state and federal governments are too closely allied.

When we closed the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant, they said there would be rolling blackouts. They said there would be rolling blackouts for years to come in Japan. There were supposed to be rolling blackouts in California during the energy crises in 2000. These blackouts didn't occur and there is documented evidence they won't occur when we close California’s nuclear power plants. The facts of the matter show that the fiscal analysis' claims we will have blackouts if the initiative passes, but not if we have a nuclear accident, is exactly and obviously the opposite of the truth.

The state has an entire year to prepare for this initiative. A nuclear accident doesn't announce itself so one can prepare a year ahead. Happy Holidays nuclear industry!

Ben Davis Jr. Initiative Proponent.

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