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Posted on April 16 at 12:09 p.m.

The fireworks show, which is by no means illegal, was not held in Montecito, it was offshore, in SB.

There are numerous events utiling fireworks and pyro in SB every year, in fact anyone can go through the steps to have a fireworks show or display, as long as the proper permits are obtained, as in the case of last Saturday's show. All the normal salute shells, which carry a concussion blast emitting noise, were removed from the display.

Further review will find the appropriate agencies were indeed informed and permission sought and obtained before the fireworks in question were allowed to be fired at the approved offshore location.

People need to wait for the whole picture before they jump to conclusions. Montecito fire dept absolutely has done everything they were required to do, but the event wasn't in their jurisdiction.

On Montecito Fireworks Still Under Investigation

Posted on December 4 at 5:24 p.m.

The mis-spelling of words is intentional to give it the feel of Joe Average guy. Its no average joe writing those retorts. Not only to the Indy articles but to Blogabarbara and other media outlets, they ( sitrick and company) troll a wide net. There is a long track record of Wendy and Company using the services of Sitrick. And why not? He and his company are the very best, and she will pay big money for lawyers and PR guys. I would want the very best if I couold afford it.

Speaking out against an employer or company is anyone's right. I just think its classless to take a paycheck and benefits year after year, then trash your employer on the way out the door, no matter what the circumstances.

If it truly was such a great weekly, then there would be advertising support. The Newspress still manages to fill their pages with plenty of full page spreads from local car dealers. If people werent buying cars due to the ads, they would drop the expense, especially right now. Blaiming everything on Wendy is getting a little old to the locals who have lived through the enitre process. Everyone has their pluses and minuses, and its only fair to point out that Wendy has poured money into countless non profits and other great improvements that benefit our community. Visit the SB Bowl for a concert, and its pretty obvious she has had a positive impact on this community.

Its hard to be a high profile person in SB and not attract detractors. But there are two sides to everything. Nice that there are forums like this to converse about it.

On Wendy McCaw Shuts Down <em>Goleta Valley Voice</em>

Posted on December 4 at 1:52 p.m.

Besides paying big bucks for top named attornies, Wendy also shells out monthly cash to keep the Number 1 spin doctor in the USA and master of P.R, Michael Sitrick of Sitrick and Company, to work on her image all the way down to internet blogs and responding to any articles that seem to counter her reputation as a leading business person in the community . Sitrick and Company surfs online and is quite internet savvy. I am surprised no one caught on immediately to the "my stik rich "id and Sitrick representation of Wendy and company.

I'm sure there are plenty of ex newspress employees submitting their negative posts to anything Wendy, so its only fair she has a paid P.R. person at the ready to run to her defense.

Besides, from the quotes of Jim Logan and two others that were laid off, it was obvious they disliked working for the Newspress and owners. The parting shots from them showed a lack of class. Why would any future employer want to add these malcontents to their roster? Logan may be witty with the blurb about the buck from Jesus remark, but it reveals his lack of loyalty. Even Trader Joe's has standards. He may find immediate employment an elusive task.

On Wendy McCaw Shuts Down <em>Goleta Valley Voice</em>

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