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Posted on June 20 at 11:54 p.m.

Shut off all the oil, I say, and watch those gas prices go through the roof.

Hey, then all those commuters from North County won't have to go to their Santa Barbara-based jobs because they won't be able to afford the gas.

Keep defending the working-class, and get some five-year plans in place. Fun times lie ahead.

On S.B. Supervisors Support State Bill to Ban T-Ridge Drilling

Posted on June 20 at 11:37 p.m.

What about our great progressive Democratic Party (The party that is supposed to care for the least among us) governor Jerry Brown and his cronies in the legislature supporting that high speed rail boondoggle? That money would be better spent on mental health care. (In other words, re-open the institutions that were shut down during the Reagan era)

Carnage: You are correct, I've seen what you are talking about, and many of these are people who are clearly mentally ill.

On Solution to Homelessness Lies at Hand

Posted on June 20 at 11:33 p.m.

If Jerry Brown and our legislature are reading this: Governor Brown, stop throwing money away on your high speed rail pet project and use the money you save to help those who need mental health services.

On Mental Health Treatment Takes a Peer Approach

Posted on June 20 at 11:30 p.m.

It's all rather amusing really as I think back on Margaret "The Iron Lady" Thatcher, in relation to the gender-fueled progressive politics of people such as Susan Rose, Hannah-Beth Jackson, and the fact that we probably are going to have our first female president.

Just as traditional sexist thought told us that women were too emotional to hold office, and that a woman's place was in the kitchen, now the new sexism assures us that women are more empathetic and the more women we elect, the better things will be, yet I remember when Thatcher died, the pure hatred of progressive types dancing over her grave with their venomous blog entries was shocking even to my normally thick-skinned psyche.

Here's something to consider: A (half) black man is president, yet has the problems that target the black demographic in disproportionally high numbers improved significantly, if at all?

This (mostly) white male would have no problem voting for the proverbial 500 black lesbian if her ideas align more with mine than the other candidates. Get us out of our role as the Global Cop, stop killing/arresting people at home via the specious "Drug War", allow the spirit of creativity to flourish while integrating these concepts into the idea that there will always be those of us who need a safety net to keep them warm, safe, and dry, and I'll be glad to lend my support.

On Research Shows Political Affiliation Trumps Race and Sex

Posted on June 20 at 6:55 p.m.

Now, onto the subject at hand. Mr. Thorn: For all of the hew and cry about how much we care about black lives, or "The Children", the media, as well as anti-gun activists selectively choose their focus of attention. Let's take the case of the I.V. killings, three of the six dead were stabbed to death, yet all the usual politicians and activists focused on the *shootings*. Also, when people in the inner cities engage in their gang-banging warfare and kill each other, with the inevitable innocent bystander getting killed, hardly a word comes out of these people, but when it's six of our own college students, then, and only then, does Hannah-Beth Jackson, Das Williams, and the rest make a case out of it. Compare the likelihood of getting killed in Isla Vista vs. getting killed in, let's say, Compton or Ingelwood and the absurdity becomes more clear.

Touristunfriendly may be onto something, as I gave a casual glance at the link the posted. I noticed a teen suicide was mentioned, and let's tie this in. Teen suicide wasn't something that was making the news until a few decades ago. Why this spike in teen suicides? Also, is it connected to why young people walk into places and start killing people at random, which is another thing that wasn't mainstream news until about twenty years ago, *after* the Brady Bill was passed?

We live in a society where "baby mama" and "baby daddy" have become accepted norms of family life. Where kids don't have dinner with their parents because A: The breakup of the family structure means one of the parents isn't present in their lives; B: Their parents/parent is working three jobs and has no time to spend with their kids; C: The parents simply don't see the need to spend time sitting down with their kids, discussing the issues of the day, and being their emotionally for their kids. Kids grow up in isolated bubbles where the overall sense of community is gone, in days past, it was normal for a kids parents to know the parents of the the other children that kid played with, community organizations were the norm, and teachers were allowed to actually control what kids did in the classroom, and the thing we dreaded most was the phone call the teacher would give to our parents if we got out of line. No more.

As for the effect of psychotropic drugs on kids, I can't say yes or no, but it possible that such alterations of brain chemistry might have a role, but if that's the case, *why* are so many kids on these drugs? (See the above paragraph)

I would also add that while some may point to the prevalence of violent lyrics in music and in rap as influencing kids, I would go further than that and ask *why* are young people so obsessed with lyrics that would even make a sailor cringe? If *that* isn't a sign of our cultural decay, what is?

On Gun Control and Racism

Posted on June 20 at 6:32 p.m.

DavyBrown: Hank Sarria now blogs occasionally under the screen name "IVLocal" (I'm not sure if I capitalized in the right places) so while "Hank" has joined the ranks of Jarvis and several others, an admittedly much-mellowed Henry Sarria is back.

On Gun Control and Racism

Posted on June 19 at 10:52 p.m.

DavyBrown, what it comes down to is human nature. Nothing new under the sun, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and some people will limit government power so they can exploit their captive audience of worker bees, (those who oppose unions) and others will use the power of government to achieve their aims, (Communists).

Countries with "stan" as a suffix to their names aren't a good deal, neither are those with Marxist leanings.

On Enough Is Enough!

Posted on June 19 at 7:08 p.m.

Simple question: Why are there so many druggies today?

On Five Teens Captured After Escaping Los Prietos Boys Camp

Posted on June 19 at 6:58 p.m.

Easy choice for me, it's Rosa Parks. She embodies the spirit of standing up to oppression.

On Which woman belongs on the new $10 bill?

Posted on June 19 at 6:56 p.m.

"ban remains in effect until rain reduces the fire threat."...

...or until everything is paved over and there is nothing left to burn.

On County Burn Permits Cancelled

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