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Posted on February 20 at 7:07 p.m.

Mexico has an all-Hispanic political leadership and look at the job they've done for the people that live there!

On The Strange and Mysterious Case of Cruzito Cruz

Posted on February 20 at 7:05 p.m.

So let's just get this out on the table and have done with it. Do those who hate Obama simply because they hate any Democrat (and the same simple-mindedness comes from the Left toward Republicans) want us to go to war with all of Islam?

Should we go to war with every Muslim who lives in the U.S., all those abroad as well?

I know that people are angry because Obama said something like "We are not at war with Islam" and then added something like "we are at war with extremists perverting Islam". Be careful what you wish for, going to war with 1.5 billion people could get dicey, not to mention that I really don't think the hardworking shop owners I encounter who happen to be Muslim are slipping anthrax into my grocery bags, but hey, paranoia is fun for some people.

On Selfish Selfies

Posted on February 20 at 6:57 p.m.

DrDan and Jarvis Jarvis: I went to Burger King today in Lompoc and gave my friend a birthday gift. It was a book about how Catholics read the Bible. (I presume, in comparison to the Protestant interpretation) Certainly it's a paradox that the Douay and King James versions--barring the Apocrypha, are so similar yet there is such a schism between the two main branches of Christianity.

Would either of you care to add your thoughts to this?

On Elliot Rodger Report Details Long Struggle with Mental Illness

Posted on February 20 at 2:33 p.m.

How many mentally ill people are out there shouting similar threats? How can one be arrested, tracked, or properly medicated when the line between empty threats and intent to do so are often blurred?

On Elliot Rodger Report Details Long Struggle with Mental Illness

Posted on February 19 at 6:32 p.m.

Mitchum should have gone after Capps for supporting the NDAA and the Patriot Act. I may have cost him votes, or it may have won him the election. I think it would have won him the election. He should also have been clearer on his website about where he stood on the issues. The information he provided was vague.

On Mitchum Sues Capps for Defamation of Character

Posted on February 19 at 6:27 p.m.

Maybe this is a radical, quixotic idea, but how about leaving that area alone, allowing businesses to do their thing, and not trying to force agendas down people's throats?\

I think if Santa Barbara were more business-friendly, maybe there wouldn't be so much financial strife.

On Tensions Roiling over Milpas Plan

Posted on February 19 at 6:20 p.m.

Yes, they give to local charities, and they make sure that everybody knows it by running to the Santa Ynez Valley News (which is their Bully Pulpit) and telling us about it.

Maybe they could give that money to their own tribal members?

On Some Chumash Are More Equal Than Others

Posted on February 19 at 6:14 p.m.

Santa Barbara's version of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"?

On The Strange and Mysterious Case of Cruzito Cruz

Posted on February 19 at 6:10 p.m.

For what it's worth, there is Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church located at the corner of Foothill and La Cumbre. It too is of the ELCA branch of Lutheranism.

Also, remember that the word in Greek for church is "ekklesia" which means body of believers, and has nothing to do with a physical structure.

On The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Grace Lutheran Church

Posted on February 19 at 2:21 a.m.

By the way, a lot of fools commenting here. For Kreis's cheerleaders: She was under the influence, ran into a car that had been stopped for some time, and three people got dead, and one other seriously injured.

Trying to distract us with your hyperbole won't fool us. We're not as dumb as you think we are, but blaming August, Ken Volok, and other drivers is typical of the alcoholic psychology of denial.

On the other hand, Pixienative hits the nail on the head.

On Woman Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Deadly DUI Crash

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