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Posted on September 5 at 8:19 p.m.

I never said bikes were the solution to all our social problems nomoresanity and no I'm not that naive. I was attempting a bit of sarcasm to counter the over the top statements made by Mr. Autocoalition.

Labeling certain people bike weinies is certainly not helping the situation in any way.

This is not about social engineering or even us vs them. This is about one particular users rights to the road and the idea that we have a right to safely and legally use the roads period.

Taking a lane is not making a statement for most riders. If I'm going down Garden at 25-30mph on my bike there is no time or space to respond to anything if I'm riding to the right and someone pulls out or, more commonly, overshoots the stop line at an intersection. This happens every day.

I understand how frustrated drivers are at most bikers. I believe cyclists should obey all traffic laws and I'm sad so many of my fellow cyclists don't agree with this. At the end of the day I don't think anyone in here can deny that car drivers in this town behave just as badly if not worse than the average cyclist with a greater potential for negative outcome.

This is not about turning the world to cycling as the solution to all problems but about the basic right of those of us who choose to ride to do so safely without the fear of getting run off the road when our safety necessitates sharing the road.

On Please Don't Kill Me; I'm Just Riding My Bike

Posted on September 5 at 1:02 p.m.

Do you have a name Auto guy?

Unfortunately whatever bridge you've been trolling under must not have very fresh air because your thinking is clouded.

Being a part of the transportation system has no bearing as to whether cyclists have a right to be on the road or not.

This is not a case of might makes right......there is a place for cyclists, we have a right to be there and you must accept that and obey the law or there are consequences.

Personally I can't wait to share my love of cycling with my son and hope he chooses to travel most of his time that way also. Should he choose a car instead I will support him and teach him to be respectful to all users on the road as I believe we all have a right to our share of it.

Personally I think it's time to start clearing the streets of cars - a pedestrian mall on State st. would be a great start.

Did you happen to enjoy the street closure on Cabrillo this summer Auto guy? If you had you would have seen people outdoors getting exercise, socializing with one another in a way that is just not possible when behind the wheel of a car. I think our community needs as much of that as possible.

On Please Don't Kill Me; I'm Just Riding My Bike

Posted on September 5 at 9:25 a.m.

Sorry Auto guy your living in the 50's. It's not going to happen.

Why don't you move back to LA and hang out with all your car buds or go back in the garage and take another hit off your tailpipe.

On Please Don't Kill Me; I'm Just Riding My Bike

Posted on September 5 at 7:10 a.m.

I ride and drive also and think Steve has some valid points. If you look at the rest of the comments you might see that the us vs. them tends to flow pretty heavy from the car folks.

I ride every day, I actually do stop at all stop signs......something my fellow cyclists and car drivers seem to have a hard time with and I do take a lane when the right is obstructed or when I am traveling near the speed limit, say going down Garden street on my way to work.

This is my legal right and is the best choice for my safety........the only thing dangerous about it is the ignorant car drivers who swerve their cars at me and try to simultaneously tell me I'm in the wrong. It happens at least once a week.

As for the poster that suggests we get wider tires you are missing the point.......this is our legal right and the safest place to be in many cases......cases determined by us as we need to for our safety.

Get mad all you want but be careful, your actions have legal and other repercussions. I personally will fight for my rights and anyone uses a car to make their point may as well be pointing a loaded gun at my head. Your car is not a shield for legal action or direct action.

Perhaps if we all slowed down a little, stopped at the signs and had a little respect for each other's modes of transit we would all get there safely and with slightly lower blood pressure.

On Please Don't Kill Me; I'm Just Riding My Bike

Posted on August 20 at 7:01 a.m.

So auto coalition by your logic as a cyclist riding on any road that could be construed as dangerous I am basically "asking for it" and get what I deserve when hit by a car?

Funny that your anti bike friends also argue that there is no need to add bike lanes or make cycling safer.

Interesting that you also choose to hide behind an anonymous profile suggesting you realize how out of touch and vile your though processes are to others.

Maybe you should take a page from the NRA playbook and hold a pro car rally every time another cyclist is run down on our streets because clearly from your viewpoint it's always the cyclists fault.

Maybe I should just stay home today because it might be dangerous out there. .....or.....maybe you should just stay home and turn off your computer, your not helping anything.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

Posted on April 18 at 10:58 p.m.

I think all trail users, mountain bikers included, should be respectful of others and use the trails in such a way that their actions don't negatively affect others.

That said I ask you. who does a great deal of the trail work around here?.....stuff the forest service no longer has the staff or budget to do.

If it wasn't for Mtn bike activism, in the form of trail maintenance, many of our trails might be overgrown, debris strewn and impassable.

On San Marcos Preserve Land Management Plan Finalized

Posted on April 14 at 7:36 a.m.

Then from that same point of view anyone with a negative impact from the vaccine could sue those who are trying to compel others to get vaccinated thru the threat of legal action.

Plus, if your kid is vaccinated and you're so sure they work what are you worried about.

On Vaccination Considerations

Posted on April 13 at 9:53 p.m.

I am not convinced the benefits of vaccinating outweigh the risks. Are you a parent yourself? What is acceptable risk when it comes to your children? Is the risk of death, disability, mood disorders worth the benefit of a chance of protection against a disease that isn't usually fatal (Measles, flu). Most of us know the study on autism and vaccines was flawed. What about people's very real concerns about the additives and adjuncts used in vaccines? Are we to trust a for profit corporation that formaldehyde and other substances are safe to inject into our children. Do we really understand the effect these substances are having on developing immune systems.

Why do many health care providers (myself included) choose to either not vaccinate or selectively vaccinate their own children? It's not because we are uniformed or ignorant of the consequences. Are we to turn a blind eye to the enormous amount of anecdotal evidence of the negative side effects of the current regime of recommended vaccinations?

At the end of the day both sides are going to say they are being forced into situations that could harm their children, making this an extremely volatile topic. As a parent I feel it is absolutely prudent to look beyond the information being provided to me by those who stand to make a profit off of my decision. I am fairly certain that when others do this they will at the very least have reason to question the safety and effectiveness of current vaccination recommendations.

On Vaccination Considerations

Posted on December 7 at 10:25 a.m.

The Adventure Pass sham has been unenforceable since it started. Just ignore the signs and drive through. They may bark a lot about you needing one but there is no bite. If they want to leave a ticket on your window just thank them for the scrap paper.

You should not have to have money to enjoy the outdoors.

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Posted on November 14 at 5:29 p.m.

Anyone wonder why flu shot usage is low among health care workers?

Maybe because these people know the risk vs reward ratio of flu shots.

As a healthcare worker myself I would not even consider putting the crap they preserve these shots with into my body.

To bad for those at Cottage.........either support the pharmaceutical companies agenda or wear a scarlet (letter) mask.

On Cottage Employees Required to Get Flu Shot or Wear Mask for Five Months

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