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Posted on March 8 at 4:02 p.m.

How dare the powers at the Independent try to still my wonderful diatribes against the Godless liberals. They have the gaul to tell me what I can or cannot say on this website -- just whose website do they think it is?

Luckily, we live in a free country (emphasis on FREE) which gives access to a Blogger account where I can take my breathlessly insightful commentary and post MY rules, which, you may well expect, will be FREE in the extreme, allowing all viewpoints:

[*from the website*] "Please keep debates respectful; no name-calling or personal stuff. We are all passionate about our beliefs and have a right to share our observations, but name-calling will get you moderated."


That is just SOOOO much different than mean old Independent moderaters saying: "These hot-button issues quickly de-volve into flame wars when direct insults are hurled. If you demonstrate a person's ignorance, rather than simply assert it, we are far less likely to remove a comment. -- WebAdmin"

See what I mean?

And you can be sure my website will clearly reduce any problem I encounter to one of the following:

-- The "rats in a cage" distillation
-- Parents just need to raise kids like it's the '50s
-- The good-old-days were better than even I think
-- Things will be a lot better when we change to the laws of the Bible (preferably Old Testament).
-- "our open border/exploitation of cheap labor/enabling of Mexico's corrupt government policy."

So, please join me and my "friends' in our open forum discussions at:

On Witness to Leal Murder Assaulted

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