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Posted on August 4 at 11:36 a.m.

Regardless of the potential efficacy of anthracimyin in humans, one thing remains consistent: if the projections for profitability re. big pharma are "insufficient, and/or not quick enough", then forget about any "magic bullet" as regards treating MRSA and others - let your expectations not become a prison.

The rules of capitalism dictate that the requirement of *maximum profitability* for the corporation and its shareholders outweigh (specifically in this case) public health concerns. The pharmaceutical companies are only there for one primary purpose - as is any business - and that is to make a profit for its shareholders. They are not there to cure or treat people - that is only the perceived result of their business activity. It's the same with any aspect of the privately run US health care structure - the sole aim is to make the largest profit in the shortest time. A parallel is the US prison industrial complex - now largely in the hands of private corporations, the aim is to generate as many prisoners as possible, for profit - and now the US has more people behind bars, in proportion to its population, than any other nation on Earth - by far.

Please don't read a "good or evil" aspect to this - corporations are inanimate bodies (ie not people) and do not possess any conscious intent of their own - that's just the way it is. If we are to enjoy the fruits of capitalism, then we have to pay the resulting penalty - which in the case of climate change, may be terminal.

On Scientists Find Unique Bacteria at Gaviota State Beach

Posted on July 3 at 8:45 p.m.

This deliberate omission is a disgrace - a flagrantly anti-American, anti-freedom attitude which clearly reflects the political, *not* patriotic, stance of the parade organizers.

The group of Veterans targeted in this arbitrary action have served their nation as honorably as any other group within the US military, whose job is to protect the United States and its Constitution. When I checked today, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights remained a part of the US Constitution, regardless of the events of the last 12 years or so - and within its text, it prohibits "abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, and interfering with the right to peaceably assemble".

Perhaps by not supporting the glorification of war, death and destruction, and calling out those who profit from such, the Veterans for Peace have clearly been singled out and banned - using such phony "reasoning" including "handing out fliers", and "causing litter which costs the City to clean up". Members of the Tea Party and other groups have also handed out fliers during previous 4th July parades with no negative consequence.

How ironic that this parade, supposedly celebrating liberty, now has an indelible stamp of not only politically motivated duplicity, but also the violation of the constitutional rights of the Veterans for Peace to celebrate America's day of Independence, freely, and on a public street nonetheless.

On Mayor Sides with Veterans for Peace over Float Flap

Posted on June 26 at 10:21 a.m.

Here is yet another indication that freedom of speech and expression - the core value of America - alongside many other integral aspects of civilization in the US enabled by the Bill of Rights, is being gradually whittled away.

This process of devolution of liberty is gradual enough not to notice on a day-by-day basis, but if allowed to continue without "appropriate intervention by we the people", America will, in the not so distant future, end up somewhere up the creek of totalitarianism, and without the proverbial paddle.

On Fourth of July Organizers Deny Veterans for Peace Float

Posted on May 2 at 1:24 p.m.

It's all about your connections. Had the same crime been committed by a person of lesser means, the charges would undoubtedly include felony burglary. It's the same the whole world over - you get what you pay for, and that includes "justice".

On Burglary Charges Reduced for Dario Pini

Posted on February 28 at 10:09 a.m.

When is a fire not a fire?

On Controlled Burn Above Carp

Posted on February 14 at 9:45 p.m.

Responsible journalism takes a back seat, with Nick Welsh echoing *opinion* that Philip Marshall was the killer - for no apparent motive. So far there are no forensic or ballistics reports, yet the media has already pronounced its verdict, taking the position of judge, jury and executioner, thereby writing "history" - based not on evidence, but more likely, appealing to the readers' comfort zone.

Philip Marshall was a pilot for the airlines for 20 years. At the time of his death he was consulting for the airlines - screening pilots for inappropriate behavior (drinking on the job etc), a highly responsible position. His copilots over the years have said that "Phil was the type of disciplined, dependable guy we all wanted in the left hand seat, a superb airman". His friends and neighbors in Murphys, and those here in Santa Barbara have all expressed profound disbelief that Phil "killed his kids and then himself", and have universally described him as a "solid", and an "upstanding member of the community".

Phil had no financial problems - he was very comfortable. He had been divorced years before (apparently related to his wife's reported issue with anorexia). However, at the time of his death they were on good terms - they were reportedly in business together. Phil adored his children - on occasions he would even cancel or postpone business meetings to travel cross country to be with his son when he had a Little League game. Phil has no mental problems, he was not bipolar and he was not depressed. One person who was with him just days prior to his passing described him as his usual jovial and happy self.

(continued below)

On Every Dog Needs a Companion

Posted on February 14 at 9:44 p.m.

The topography of the area is such that on a calm day, the sound of a tee shot at the nearby golf course can be heard a long way distant. The weather was flat calm during the period when he shootings happened - some time between Thursday, January 30 and Saturday, February1, yet not a single person heard the four separate gunshots, despite there being dozens of houses within earshot. Although speculative, this implies the use of a silencer/suppressor - but why would he use one to kill himself, his kid and his dog, execution style, each with a single bullet through the head? And why would he shoot his dog, when the dog knew its master well? Why would a "murderer who committed suicide" bother about his dog going into a barking frenzy? There was no motivation, and no suicide note.

Despite the extreme unlikelihood that Marshall was the killer, Nick Welsh - and by extension the Independent - weaseled out. I wonder why? Maybe it is because Marshall was a brave and patriotic American who used his First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and expression to write two books on 9/11? Much of Marshall's exhaustively researched material violated the corporate media's taboo regarding discussion of aspects of 9/11 which do not echo the officially sanctioned, but far-fetched fairytale/yarn. Welsh has a 10 year history of consigning any nonconformist discussion of 9/11 to the intellectual trash bin of "conspiracy theory". We should all know the purpose of invoking those weasel-words, a tactic that has been developed by the mainstream media over the decades to squash and stifle discussion of any controversial topic which reflects unfavorably upon elements within our powers-that-be.

In his column, Nick Welsh baldly stated that "Philip Marshall shot and killed his two teenage children, his dog, and then himself". As a responsible journalist, Welsh could have stated something along the lines: "Philip Marshall, his two teenage kids and his dog were found shot to death in their home". Unfortunately, Welsh pointed the finger of blame with no evidence in support of such. Philip Marshall is one of many dozens of writers/researchers re. 9/11 controversies who have met with an untimely end. Others have lost their jobs and careers, and many have been threatened or railroaded. Mr. Welsh perhaps has an enhanced sense of self preservation, and presumably would like to keep his job as well.

On Every Dog Needs a Companion

Posted on February 9 at 10:24 a.m.

Philip Marshall is now dead, alongside dozens and dozens of other researchers who have asked the "wrong" questions about 9/11. Many others have lost their jobs and careers by questioning and examining the US government/corporate media promoted conspiracy theory, the one supported by the author of this article.

On Dat Dog Don't Hunt

Posted on February 6 at 9:23 p.m.

Aren't we forgetting the most significant factor governing life in our industrial capitalist society? It's the mandate for profit maximization, and to hell with the consequences, as long as the stock holders are happy. The quarterly balance sheet is king. The environment? Awww shucks, that's for those goddamned hippie tree huggers - let the next generation clean up after us, give those lazy youth something useful to do.

On Montecito Bees A Signal of Things to Come?

Posted on September 11 at 9:06 p.m.

The issue of the first responders' health problems is getting worse as the years since 9/11 go by. 1200+ have already died as a direct consequence of sicknesses contracted on account of inhaling the toxic brew, and many thousands more are sick, or very sick. Yet the corporate media has disregarded it, as if the people who rushed towards danger to help others, are merely pieces of toilet paper, to be used up and then discarded.

Congress has treated them more or less the same... after 11 years of foot dragging and weaseling out, they have finally, reluctantly been cajoled into authorizing some medical help for these people - some have lost all of their worldly possessions including their homes - on account of their bravery and devotion to duty.... to pay for their vastly inflated medical bills.

The final death toll from this event will not be known for many more decades, as chronic and terminal illnesses affect more people. 2950+ died on the day. he total is now over 4000. It will probably end up well over 10-20 thousand.

On Local Filmmaker has Premier in NYC

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