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Posted on February 6 at 9:23 p.m.

Aren't we forgetting the most significant factor governing life in our industrial capitalist society? It's the mandate for profit maximization, and to hell with the consequences, as long as the stock holders are happy. The quarterly balance sheet is king. The environment? Awww shucks, that's for those goddamned hippie tree huggers - let the next generation clean up after us, give those lazy youth something useful to do.

On Montecito Bees A Signal of Things to Come?

Posted on September 11 at 9:06 p.m.

The issue of the first responders' health problems is getting worse as the years since 9/11 go by. 1200+ have already died as a direct consequence of sicknesses contracted on account of inhaling the toxic brew, and many thousands more are sick, or very sick. Yet the corporate media has disregarded it, as if the people who rushed towards danger to help others, are merely pieces of toilet paper, to be used up and then discarded.

Congress has treated them more or less the same... after 11 years of foot dragging and weaseling out, they have finally, reluctantly been cajoled into authorizing some medical help for these people - some have lost all of their worldly possessions including their homes - on account of their bravery and devotion to duty.... to pay for their vastly inflated medical bills.

The final death toll from this event will not be known for many more decades, as chronic and terminal illnesses affect more people. 2950+ died on the day. he total is now over 4000. It will probably end up well over 10-20 thousand.

On Local Filmmaker has Premier in NYC

Posted on August 23 at 9:40 a.m.

"Dry Labbing" is a very common occurrence in scientific tests where corporate profits are concerned.

On Plan Approved to Find Faults Near Diablo Canyon

Posted on August 17 at 11:04 a.m.

It sounds like both parties must have been at fault, but unfortunately our society is geared towards blaming only ONE party in any dispute.

Its a very strange thing for a pedestrian to walk into the side of a moving vehicle; she obviously did not do it deliberately, and she was probably not concentrating, assuming that the other driver would have slowed down and stopped, to give way to a pedestrian.

The driver of the van - who knows... Was she on the phone? Not concentrating? Only she knows the truth.

On Who’s Right? The Lady or the Cop?

Posted on July 11 at 11:04 a.m.

In Portugal all drugs have been decriminalized. Addiction, crime, overdosing and other problems related to drug abuse have PLUMMETED there, contrary to what the corporate "weasel media" and the establishment were predicting.

There are many reasons why drugs remain illegal in the US, and will likely remain so: Here are a few, at random.

1. The largely privatized for-profit prison industry makes $billions in taxpayer funded corporate welfare; the income stream from the drug laws is their largest cash cow.

2. Those mostly targeted by the 'war on drugs' have been end users - disproportionately poor people of color and working class white, highlighting institutionalized racism and a "screw the poor" attitude by the powers that be.

3. People have been emotionally blackmailed into believing the LIE that the war on drugs is waged "on behalf of public health", and "to protect our children". This is bogus, 180º from the truth - and perpetuated by corrupt officials and the mainstream media. Any change of policy is smeared as "going soft on drugs" - a catch phrase which gets the public's knees jerking wildly - in other words, the public remain clueless on the issue.

4. Widespread corruption exists within law enforcement agencies. Powerful players in major city police departments, the DEA and other federal agencies are working WITH the cartels for their own personal enrichment.

The war on drugs enriches both those who control it, and the organized crime cartels.

On How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Panga?

Posted on April 20 at 12:11 a.m.

There are a bunch of images - but only of one member of the band is featured. What's wrong with the others?

On Florence and the Machine at Santa Barbara Bowl

Posted on March 30 at 9:45 p.m.

RIP Babatunde. A great spirit and tireless advocate for the betterment of humanity.

On Babatunde Folayemi Dies

Posted on October 21 at 9:21 p.m.

The term "homeless" never fails to conjure up a specific image: Dirty and unkempt. In our beautiful, largely upscale paradise of a city where the trappings of material wealth are apparent almost everywhere, most of us turn away. As in the parable of the "good Samaritan", we tend to walk by on the other side of the road rather than have the day interfered with by someone who has been dealt a tougher hand in life than we.

We don't wish to even acknowledge their presence unless confronted; it makes many of us psychologically uncomfortable, knowing that so many people these days are a single paycheck away from .... homelessness. Then, we can't forget that a significant proportion of the homeless are combat veterans with PTSD or physical disabilities who have served their country in combat but subsequently discarded by the Pentagon as if they never even existed.

In the current economic fiasco, in which serial criminal activities and schemings by certain major banks and lenders have played a huge part, as well as fueling a foreclosure boom, the tally of homeless are being added to each day. Santa Barbara County is a "leader" in the foreclosure Hall of Shame: most foreclosures have been proven to be fraudulent and the Bank of America is undoubtedly the worst offender.

Many first generation homeless at least have cars or trucks to sleep in, the more fortunate can lay their heads at friends' or relatives' homes... but some are less fortunate even than that. And lest the reader feel that I am over-moralizing, let me tell you all that I am no better than anyone else who exhibits less than compassion for the homeless... I avoid them as well.

We're all to blame.

On ACLU Sues City

Posted on October 4 at 11:29 a.m.

(continued from above)

Unfortunately, there are many readers who only have the time to glance at the mainstream *weasel* media news, and consequently only have sanitized or "cherrypicked" material to work with. It's not your fault... the German people in the 1930s were similarly misinformed by Goebbels' brilliant (but evil) team of propaganda artists, who using the same techniques, lured the public, via lies and disinformation, into their unwitting support of pure evil masqerading as a legitimate government.

Please... suspend the predictable knee jerk 8th grade conspiracy theory accusations for a few more nanoseconds:

The protesters are the visible representation of the anger of the silent majority, spreading throughout the nation (and the world). The public is enraged at the serial crime spree of Wall Street, and remains unpunished and largely unreported.

Why are we GOING SOFT ON CRIME? The biggest bank heists in human history?

Many of the biggest US corporations pay ZERO taxes. GE, one of the worst examples, even gets tax *refunds* after registering record profits. Bankster giant B of A also pays ZERO taxes... the list is endless... and the slack is being taken up by the middle class. US corporations in the 1950s used to contribute >50% of America's budget, and they did just fine... and the economy was roaring. Now, US corporations contribute less than 2%, and most of that is by small business who cannot afford teams of lawyers and accountants to hatch contrived, barely legal mathematical games with the tax laws, to avoid paying up.

Wall Street is an example of a free fox in a free henhouse... or a bunch of hungry kids loose in a candy store while the shopkeeper is napping. It is the serial finincial criminal's paradise, if one is an insider, in the knowledge that you will not get busted, because you're above and beyond the law. The SEC is merely a paper tiger....

Wall Street's parasites, scammers, thieves and financial terrorists have gutted this country's cash reserves. They, together with the "Federal" Reserve, coerced and threatened our alleged "representatives" with "martial law" unless the TARP was passed... (see Rep. Brad Sherman's alarmed, unguarded comment from October 2008). Since then, these parasites have milked $trillions, and will they ever pay it back? Ha!

Santa Barbara County has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. The big banks used the process of "mathematical entrapment" to entice homeowners into signing unfixed mortgage agreements that only *they*, privy to the numbers, knew were unsafe. Thousands of homeowners and buyers were misinformed that rates would only fluctuate within margins that were affordable. Had home-buyers been informed of the REAL numbers, nobody would have fallen for it, hence the secrecy. As a result, the banksters made off (Madoff?) with $10s of billions in repossessed homes, and families have been thrown out on the street... and its getting worse

On Occupy Santa Barbara Mobs De la Guerra Plaza

Posted on October 4 at 11:28 a.m.

Shame on all those who throw the typical "dirty hippy" ad hominem at those who are using their own valuable time to draw attention to the decay and corruption. The cowards and name-callers in the corporate media are reminiscent of the brownshirts... those who march without question to the call to authority, or the chickenhawks, traitors who advocate war while refusing to serve.

Those full-fledged members of the roll of dishonor: We know who you are, and history will not be kind to you. The American revolution would have failed if your kind had prevailed.

If it takes another revolution to stop the real axis of evil, then bring it!

On Occupy Santa Barbara Mobs De la Guerra Plaza

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