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Posted on July 11 at 5:51 p.m.

So... she's 45? Has had a child? Gay? Looks that smoking hot in a mugshot post DUI??? She should get an award not a sentence, well done Cat Cora!

On Cat Cora Booking Photo Released

Posted on July 9 at 4:39 p.m.

I am unfamiliar with the Daily Sound and hate to see any business go under, but my small business as well as a couple friends with small businesses spent a lot of our limited resources advertising with the Montecito Messenger and they really had no business ever being in business. The rampant mistakes and utter sloppiness was trumped only by their absolute arrogance, unapologetic, and downright entitled attitude and lack of remorse or care to remedy anything. I remember when I ceased advertising their best response was a very snide and sarcastic, "that's too bad, we will really have trouble making it without your money." I guess it was in fact reality.
Aside from my business to business experience, perhaps I can make an attempt to wear sarcasm a little bit better than it fit them. I don't know how this community will sustain the void left without Judy Foreman's witty and thought provoking editorials. The depth of writing of that 'journalist' can only be matched by her constant grammatical, spelling, and factual errors that even her editor couldn't keep up with and out of print. Oh yeah, she was the editor this time.

On <em>Daily Sound</em> Stops Printing, Goes Web-Only

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