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Posted on October 29 at 2:18 p.m.

One of the problems with comment pages is that a great deal of fact checking goes into the writing of the story itself and none for those whom elect to comment. Your facts are just flat wrong. HR 3313 is dead for this session. It will not go to committee for a hearing without the vocal support of the representative from the impacted district. The Chumash are a "Domestic Dependent Sovereign" look it up.

On Chumash Camp 4 Approval Edges Closer

Posted on March 13 at 1:04 p.m.

I don't often agree with you and I am not embarrassed to say I'm a Republican, but you nailed this one! La Malfa apparently opposed fee to trust within his own district demonstrating your thesis of the power of principle or was it principal? Lousy, shallow politicians abound irrespective of party affiliation and we should demand that our electeds put their vote and their energies behind what they comfortably assert when they're running but hide from when the rubber meets the road. Santa Barbara taxpayers should not be funding the schemes of the wealthy one percent regardless of their affiliations. Stay angry my friend!

On Getting Your Dog On

Posted on October 16 at 7:48 p.m.

OK so Santa Barbara Ranch is Matt Osgood's land so he should do what he wants with it and the Miramar is Caruso's land so he should do what he wants with it and the News Press is Wendy's rag so she should be able to do with it what she wants right Gluteous?

On County Officially Opposes Chumash's Camp 4 Dreams

Posted on January 10 at 5:16 p.m.

wait! Did you say something nice about Cottage? Won't the world shift off its axis sucking us all into the deep and deadly void of space? Growl, Growl Growl! (TeeHee)

On How Now, Bow-Wow?

Posted on November 6 at 8:56 a.m.

Once again Mr. O'Connell has distinguished himself as ineffectual and irrelevant. He waits to submit this op/ed piece until the day before the election, thus appearing on election day in which he says he likes Maldonado but alleges Abel's campaign is untrue. O'Connell's career was always marked by "playing it safe" and now is no different. Had he seriously hoped to affect or influence the debate he would have participated when his comments had hope of reaching anyone. Instead, he straddled the fence avoiding the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution for fear of angering someone. A more half-hearted endorsement for Capps I have yet to see, but I'm sure he is happy that he didn't piss anybody off. At least Maldonado is in the kitchen taking the heat.

On Maldonado Running Dishonest Campaign

Posted on October 26 at 8:02 p.m.

Thats funny, I was wondering if Pappas thinks.

On UCSB Breaks Own Voter Registration Record

Posted on April 28 at 4:53 p.m.

It appears that any decision consistent with your rather parochial perspective is arrived at democratically but anything that differ from yours were the product of conspiracy and now racists? Galileo was persecuted for arguing that the known universe revolved around the Sun but instead it appears to revolve around you. Good planning is a process dependent upon involvement during the process not after the fact. If memory serves many were involved in submitting input to the process pro and con. One other question, if helicopters address the most challenging, time sensitive and life threatening of cases why would sending them to a smaller peripheral campus instead of to the larger more well equipped facility and the locus of more specialized expertise be superior to the present arrangement?

On Cottage Hospital and Its Discontents

Posted on April 27 at 9:09 p.m.

St. Francis Hospital was not rebuilt because it was not feasible or viable to do so. Its owners, Catholic Healthcare West (now called Dignity Health Hmmm??)elected not to put up the funds to refurbish or rebuild as they did for their northern SB County facility, Marian . The fallout from the '94 Northridge quake and the subsequent mandate to retro-fit or rebuild has probably claimed 40 hospitals in California to date. Mr. McDermott has an awful lot of anger reserved for Cottage but little to back up the assertions. Cottage is a not for profit Hospital so the profit motive behind Stroke care seems ill placed and misinformed. The comments about the approval process and the environmental review belittles an arduous and time consuming process that yielded an approval and a certification of the EIR. The comments about letter to the editor writers is incomprehensible and as for cracked streets I would suggest he get out more and see the quality of streets elsewhere within the City's jurisdiction. "insensitively placed day care"? say what? The complaint was about children's laughter emanating from a Day Care Center. What other sounds would one expect from a day care center during hours of operation. Even Charles Dickens couldn't conceive of "mitigating Children's laughter in a day care setting. There are serious issues here but really.......

On Cottage Hospital and Its Discontents

Posted on February 8 at 9 p.m.

Perhaps we could give Cottage the benefit of the doubt and see if they can work the bugs out per their spokesperson's comments. The route has always been the prescribed route but clearly they need to communicate that effectively to all involved. I am pleased that they put the helipad to work even if it is before the official move of patients to the new facility. The need sort of speaks for itself. to land in Goleta is to put them 15-20 critical minutes out from the trauma center where every second counts. Let's see how it evolves.

On New Hospital Helipad Sees Heavy Action

Posted on August 5 at 9:47 p.m.

“What this is about is squandering community investment—investment of money, investment of time, and investment of goodwill.”?? and the solution provided (Serban's termination) doesn't squander community investment of time, investment of money, and investment of goodwill?? This level of hyperbole makes a mockery of civil discourse but then so did this hearing....So it goes............

On Leadership Change at SBCC

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