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Posted on December 1 at 3:15 a.m.

Ann, I'm afraid you've violated commandment #9 - you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons is echoing the research of Dr. Paul Cameron, who the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association denounce as consistently misinterpreting and misrepresenting research in regard to gays and lesbians.

The Fitzgibbons references above received this reply from the author of the Dutch study cited:
Evidence from around the world identifies the main stressors leading to mental distress in gay and lesbian people as discrimination, prejudice, bullying in schools and colleges, and the consequent need for many LGB people to keep their homosexual identity secret, even from their families.

Why don't you think about not adding to the hatred of your fellow human beings and love your neighbor as yourself?

On Lesbians Walk for Justice

Posted on November 29 at 11:12 p.m.

"I'd give money for that walk" --

almost 500 miles, are you kidding --

why don't you post back when you have done it --

I joined them on their journey for ONE day (about 15 miles) and I was done for - they have been at it about 12 days now (most of their days being more than 15 miles) - they are absolutely amazing

and as for Prop 8 -- you do realize that in a civil society you can't "vote" to take away the rights of a minority? Who's next . . . Jews, Christians, Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans???

Think about it people --

On Lesbians Walk for Justice

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